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Attached Lid Containers

Attached Lid Containers or Tote Boxes are Universal

Industry Leading Attached Lid Containers (Also known as ALCs, Crocodile Box, Lidded Containers, Tote Boxes and Blue Box), are a product universally used for the movement and storage of goods. ALCs (Attached Lid Containeres) are hugely versatile. The have differing capacities. Exporta's Attached Lid Containers have unique features, making them easier to store - they take up less space when stacked together. And easier to handle. They have FOLD FLAT lids making them extremely ergonomic. These blue box ALC's can be used for a huge range of applications, either in storage, transportation or in production. They are extremely hard wearing and have a large lifespan. ALC's are they countrie's favourite sturdy plastic boxes.

Attached Lid Container Bundles are HOT

THe two bundles we've got for our attached lid containers, one for 45L containers and one for the 60L container and both with shelving, have proved extremely popular across a variety of sectors.

It seems that the versatility of these stack/nest containers are a huge draw for a number of different audiences. We now see our attached lid containers appearing in huge quantities in the public sector, third sector, pharmaceuticals and in light industry.

These attached lide containers are traditionally blue in colour but can come in any colour based on minimum order quantities. Indeed we've seen a large uplift in black and red versions. Additionally we have been putting peoples brands on the back of these stacking nesting boxes.

As an alternative to euro containers and other boxes or crates these ALC's (Attached lid containers) are an excellent, robust solution that are ideal in a variety of situations.