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Bale Arm Crates

Exporta's Bale Arm Crates - known as the A-Crate - are class leading vented crates - sometimes called the Maxinest. They have the STRONGEST ARM on the market - strengthened with injected fibreglass- meaning users can lift more weight with confidence. They come in a variety of sizes from 20 Litre Bale Arm Crate to the 36.25 LItre. Made of robust food grade plastic these crates can withstand the tough treatment they are likely to be served. Equally applicable to storage, transport and food point of sale these crates are multi-purpose.

The A-Crate - a Stack Nest Crate

Exporta Bal Arm Crates are also Stack Nestconfigurable. So when in use they can be stacked on top of each other. This provides a clearance which gives excellent air flow. When not in use they can be nested together, taking up much less space in terms of storage or return trip transport. Truly, the A-Crate Bale Arm Crate from Exporta is a class leading crate