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Folding Crates

Folding Crates

Folding crates are well used through light industry and within the food sectors. They provide an excellent method of moving product and parts around. Their collapsible qualtiy means that these plastic crates take up less space on return journey. The F-Crate Folding Crate is the fastest to collapse, the easiest to buld up folding crate and also can carry the most weight in class. Available in a variety of sizes these folding crates have ergo-grip patented technology to avoid handling injury. They can also have coloured markers for easy identification and can be transported internally on dolly's. The F-Crate Folding Crate is a class leading plastic crate and should be top of your list if you're looking for flexible s torage solutions.


The F-Crate is a top of the range folding crate. This collapsible wonder is a class apart from other crates on the market and here's why.

It folds out in a jiffy. Actually better than a jiffy, it folds out in under 2 seconds compared with other crates. This leads to efficiency savings. Additionally, it folds flat in a quicker time. That's less than 2 seconds to fold flat from a standing start.

Thirdly, it has ergo-grip handles so when you are lifting this crate around then it's good to the hands.

The fourth thing that makes this crate so great is that when folded flat it is the thinnest crate within class, so it takes up less starage space when not in use or on return journies.

Lastly, it's a strong collapsible crate. It can take a bit of bashing and can hold heavy weights.

All in all the F-Crate Folding Collapsible crate is a market leader.