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Euro Containers

Euro Containers - A euro container is a versatile plastic box, stacking container, sometimes called Euro Boxes, for storage and product movement from Goods In, through manufacturing, storage and right through to despatch at the far end. These stacking containers, or stackable euro container, are versatile boxes made of plastic that can also come with lids. Euro Containers are uniform in dimensions meaning they are ideal for automated manufacturing systems or for product handling. A euro container can come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the small 20 Litre variety up to huge 172 litre versions and more. The addition of euro container lids means they can be secured and covered. Euro containers also stack on top of each other making them easy to store and transport. Additionally, the introduction of handles either end makes for efficient transit or manual handling. Euro containers are used worldwide, have standard sizes and are useful in a variety of situations. This plastic boxes are made from recycled plastic and are sturdy and hard wearing. A variety of colours of euro containers are available for large orders. The plastic used in our euro containers are acid and alkaline resistant. They are light, durable and are compatible with euro stacking containers worldwide.


Latticed Bottomed Euro Containers are Stronger - it's official says Allan

Here at Exporta Global we were asked if our latticed bottomed Euro Containers were stronger than normal euro containers. We were super confident that they were but decided to test them out. So we put in some heavy weights, dumb-bells and the like, and knocked them around, lifted them up and dropped them, stuck them on pallets and finally we put in MORE weight.

Eventually we turned the whole euro container upside down and stuck 1 Allan on it. Allan's our fairly chunky Warehouse Manager. Weighing in at a not so insignificant 108 KG's he deftly got on top of flipped Euro Container wth a lattice base. It took his weight easily.

We figured that this scientific experiment pretty much confirms that Exporta Global's lattice bottomed Euro Containers are the sturdiest, strongest euro containers on the marketplace. Endorsed by Allan.

Have two of the largest companies in the world moved to Euro Containers?

It could be that for storage and freshness two of the largest companies on the planet have moved to vented and solid sided and lidded Euro Containers. Walmart in the US and Tesco in the UK are allegedly looking to move to Euro Containers in order to keep their food produce fresher. Food grad plastic is used in these boxes so food should be contamination free. Vented sides allow airflow and prevent moisture build up, therefore giving the produce a longer lasting lifespan. With each company turning over the Billions this is expected to be a huge order for one of the large plastic container manufacturers.

In our view, moving to Euro Containers for food storage and transport is an excellent move by these companies. With our plastic containers we know that they are extremely robust boxes and take a lot of bashing around. Exporta Global’s Euro Containers are the strongest on the market we believe. By adding vented containers to the range we’ll be catering for exactly this type of problem, highlighted above and will add a number of products to our food range. This will give food producers and transporters a huge range of products to choose from Ensuring that we will have a product for them that suits their exact need. When you couple this with our F-Crate, Bail Arm Crate and Picker Crate products we believe this places us the forefront of the food container market and enhances further our Euro Container range.

ESD Euro Containers Now Available!

We can now offer ESD euro containers, with our without lids for clients who require ESD protection from their plastic boxes.

Aimed primarily at the electronics industries, these ESD euro containers ar built to the same exacting footprint of our industry leading latticed bottomed euro containers (the strongest euro containers on the market). But they offer additional safety for electronic devices in that they alleviate electrostatic discharge safeguarding easily harmed fragile electronic devices inside.

To speak to anyone about our new ESD Euro Containers, or indeed about any of your plastic box needs then please call us on 0800 294 4 394 or chat online. Our experts in storage will be happy to chat your through these lidded, esd or open euro containers to help you get the plastic box that suits your exacting needs.

How versatile are Exporta Global's Euro Containers?

When you look at the normally grey storage boxes, commonly called Euro Containers or Euro Stacking Containers, they don't look like the most exciting things in the world. But below their greyish exterior these versatile storage boxes contain a plethora of uses.

First up, Exporta's euro containers are strong, REALLY, VERY STRONG. They have a lattice bottom, which means they can carry a huge amount of weight in comparison to their size. Secondly, they stack and cross stack. That means you can load them up on box shifters, pallets etc many times their own height. Additionally when you're shifting pallets worth of them, because of their cross stacking ability these Euro Containers add rigidity to the stack. They come with a grove in the bottom that fits perfectly into the top of the one below it, meaning the solidity of the stack is actually enhanced by cross stacking these boxes.

Thirdly, they can come with hinged lids, meaning, your euro containers can be sealed shut and tamper evidence seals added. Additionally, even with lids they STILL STACK on top of each other so multiple boxes can be moved at once.

Lastly, they are ideal for fitting onto racking and shelving. With a consistant height through precision manufacuring these euro containers easily slide out and into shelving. This makes them the ideal box for storage and automated systems.

Euro Containers really are the versatile storage and product handling box.


An ESD Euro container is a wonderful thing - to the electronics industry.

What is an ESD Euro Container?

Well, an Electro Static Discharge Euro Container - to give it it's proper name - is a plastic box made to euro specifications for automation purposes that is perfect for storing and distributing electrical components.

You see, ESD is a component killer.

Essentially, ESD is a sudden flow of of electricity between two surfaces that come into close contact. An electrical short or breakdown occurs after a build up of static electricity. Sometimes this build up of electricity can be so powerful that you can actually see a spark. Think of how sometimes you take a jumper off in a dark room and you see the blue and green static electricty - it's exactly the same thing. Pretty to look at, but a killer to electrical components and extremely dangerous in gaseous environments.

Integrated circuits can suffer permanent damage so utilising every measure to prevent the build up of static is vital. So when storing or moving these products we need to minimize the surface resistance and the volume resistivity of any materials that could build up static. That's where ESD Euro Containers come into play. Normally the materials used are of conductive plastic that spreads and creates a "faraday cage" around the products. We won't go into the physics here. But needless to say, we're looking at bringing on ESD Euro Containers with great haste.

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