About Us

Who are Exporta Global

We're passionate experts within the product handling field who use our expertise to swiftly provide blue chip companies with the correct solution. By using our knowledge across multiple sectors we drill down to the heart of any issues quickly and then provide products that solve issues within a time frame that excites our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be the company foremost in our client's minds whether they need the most popular products quickly or they require advice on which solution to implement.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the type of company that stocks large quantities of popular products and moves them on swiftly by consistently improving our service offering, knowledge, and product range.

Our Values

These values have been created to help guide and inform behaviour. They are something that should be lived and breathed by our staff every day, across every action and decision we make.

Challenge and prepare to be challenged

Prepare for your opinions to be challenged, and feel confident in respectfully challenging and questioning the opinions of others, regardless of whether they are your customers, your peers or your seniors. Doing so will strengthen our brand, our team, and our business. Only by asking questions will we get to the core of a problem which then presents us with the opportunity to solve it.

Listen Intently

Understanding our customers' needs is core to our business, as, without this, we cannot possibly deliver the best work. So don't just hear people, listen intently and try to understand them. Doing so will strengthen both our relationships and services.

Stand by your word

If you make a promise, offer to help someone or give them a guarantee, then stand by your word, because we value those with integrity.

Communicate and collaborate

Everything is better when we work together; so communicate clearly and collaboratively with colleagues, partners, leaders, and suppliers. Doing this doesn't just make us more than the sum of our parts; it makes us fast, dynamic and efficient.

See the positive

No matter your role, and no matter the circumstances try to see something positive in everything you do; this creates opportunities and helps everyone feel happy, content and fulfilled. If someone is disheartened, give them encouragement and help them to see their strengths.

Entrepreneurial Bravery

We're a team on a mission. To succeed and reach our potential, we need everyone to be forward-thinking, dynamic and proactive. If you see a potential improvement or opportunity, don't wait for someone else; act on it and make it happen.

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