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Exporta Boosts Plastic Pallet Sustainability with Free Collection & Recycling

In celebration of World Ocean Day on Tuesday 8th June, we are promoting our commitment to the environment through our Eco Pallets and our free plastic pallet collection and recycling scheme. The fact is, that despite some claims, plastic isn’t always a bad thing for the environment. In fact, it can even be more beneficial than natural products from sustainable sources. It’s how we use it and what we what we do with it after we have used it, that makes the difference. The Plastic Pallet that’s Greener than Wood... Read More

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Are You Ready To Move Online?

  Are You Ready To Move Online? Even before March 2020, many businesses were starting to move from traditional retailing to e-commerce order fulfilment. The Covid-19 pandemic has merely accelerated this progress and as shoppers become accustomed to the benefits of buying online, this trend will likely continue beyond the lifting of restrictions. For businesses with online order fulfilment already planned or in place, the transition has been relatively seamless. For companies who have yet to make the change – and need to do so to survive – the process... Read More

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The Rise of Vertical Farming

As reported by Farmers Weekly magazine, vertical farming is seeing a growth in popularity in the UK. What is vertical farming? Vertical farming uses soil-free techniques to grow plants under closely controlled and monitored environments, often located in buildings or shipping containers, and even able to re-use abandoned tunnels and mine shafts. A vertical farming system holds plants in trays stacked on specially designed racking that optimises the plants’ exposure to artificial lighting and climate-controlled air. Vertical farming solutions also control two other elements essential to growth besides light and... Read More


New Range of Stacking Tote Boxes

New for 2021, Exporta is introducing our range of Blue Stacking Totes. You also may know them as Stack Nest Totes, Bale Arm Crates, Conical Box or Stacking Bar Tote. The list of names by which this item can be known by is endless! But, by whatever name you call it, the benefits and purpose of the box is the same; to save you space and store your goods.   The stacking bar tote is a heavy-duty stacking container, made from industrial strength blue polypropylene. The ergonomic handles make these... Read More

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7 Reasons Why Plastic Pallets Are Better Than Timber – And Cheaper

Timber has traditionally been the material of choice for pallets, but that could be about to change as more users shift to plastic pallets. When was the last time you compared the two alternatives? Let’s take a look. 1. Covid/Brexit Threaten Timber Pallet Availability & Price In February 2021, Global Cold Chain News reported that the combination of the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit are affecting both the availability and cost of timber pallets. Referring to findings by independent market report company Afry they told of how the index price of... Read More

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Exporta Provides ‘Same Day’ Delivery for Leading Food Industry Company

At Exporta we pride ourselves on our commitment to next day delivery on stock items, it’s an aspect of our service that makes our customers lives easier as they can be assured they’ll get the product handling goods they need efficiently. Sometimes however, next day delivery isn’t quite quick enough, and in those cases it’s vital to adapt. Last year, Sinead Morris of Muller UK came to Exporta with a problem. She needed a stack of pallets to be delivered on the day she made contact. Without the pallets, there... Read More

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Exporta Creates a Custom Pallet Box Solution for a Leading Subsea Engineering Company

At Exporta, we strive to provide solutions that are tailored specifically to our customer’s needs. Sometimes one of our stock products can do this, on other occasions however, we have to think outside the box. In 2020 subsea engineering firm Oceaneering came to us with a problem. They had an array of different pallet boxes that their engineers would use to take parts on site to a job. The problem was, there was no consistency or style of box in place, it was a collection of different styles and different... Read More

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Exporta’s Top 5 Benefits of ALC’s

Attached Lid Containers, or Tote Boxes, are heavy duty plastic boxes with hinged lids. These are used in a variety of settings and applications. From warehouse storage to pharmaceutical settings, Attached Lid Containers are an ideal solution for storage and movement of products.                   In this blog, we explore some of the key benefits of using Attached Lid Containers: 1. Storage – these containers boast fantastic storage capacity. This can solve space saving issues in warehouse racking systems. 2. Stackable – this... Read More

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Exporta’s Environmental Plans for 2021

Being an environmentally conscious and sustainable thinking company is just as important to us as our business values, customer service and having a happy team! We are committed to promoting sustainability from within our offices right through to the products we provide our customers. Read on to see what we are doing to promote a more environmentally friendly future. ISO14001 We have once again achieved ISO14001 certification. Our constant commitment to the environment is always present in our day-to-day activities and within our product ranges. The ISO 140001 standard ensures organisations... Read More