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How Green is your pallet?

There are many Blue Pallets out there provided by certain pooling companies, but have you seen many green ones around? Colour wise, no probably not, but Environmentally speaking then again, no probably not. Most pallets used in the UK are made form wood, in fact around 96% of all pallets used in the UK are reported to be made from wood. It may not be exactly 96% but most pallets you see are wooden. There is a place and a use for wooden pallets for sure, they are readily available... Read More

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Case Study | Reach Printing Services | Pallet System

INTRODUCING | A custom pallet system for Reach Printing Services, the largest 3rd party contract print providers in the UK THE PROBLEM | Reach were having issues with the pallets they were using, the first problem was that they were breaking through normal use and therefore not giving them the right return on investment. They were also losing pallets in their network, so they needed a way to identify and track their pallets in order to minimise loss. OUR SOLUTION | We listened to our customer and worked with them... Read More

Recycling Waste Plastic for Use in Plastic Pallets

Having recently visited a waste plastic recycling facility, I am amazed at the level of diligence in turning `filthy` waste plastic into graded material for adding into the supply chain for our plastic pallets. Not to bore you with details, but seeing bales of post-consumer plastic waste shredded, graded, filtered, washed, dried & stored into product that can go into producing Exporta plastic pallets was fascinating. Rightly so the current attention on the horrible waste plastic that is soiling & spoiling our planet maybe has a paradigm shift. Big word,... Read More

Plastic Pallet Collars

Maybe a lesser known member of the Flexi-Crate pallet collar family is our range of Plastic Pallet Collars. Available in all the popular sizes of Euro, Half-Euro & ISO to complement our extensive range of plastic pallets and lids, our Plastic Pallet Collars are lighter in weight and fully washable than their wooden counterparts. Agreeably maybe not applicable to very harsh mechanical demands, however Plastic Pallet Collars are currently used globally where appearance is a key factor & their lightweight feature is a brilliant benefit in returnable transit packaging. They... Read More

Every Company has a unique DNA | Shout it out on your crates and boxes!

Leaner, cleaner workplaces are now the norm, to be efficient, super-productive and competitive; the once-considered dirty, noisy engineering workshops are being transformed into state-of-the-art, glistening, ultra-clean, eat your dinner off the floor environments. To be in line with the £100,000’s spent on these improvements, companies are branding plastic crates and boxes not only to keep these areas looking smart but to also reinforce their brand. At Exporta we offer options for branding your crates; we offer a simple colour coded tagging system whereby a coloured square is printed on the... Read More

Why Should I Use Plastic Pallets?

Our Sales Team Leader Daniel Wilkin looks at the key benefits of Plastic Pallets Lightweight – saving money on airfreight and easier in manual handling Space saving – four times as many Nestable Plastic Pallets can fit in one stack compared to Wooden Pallets. Exempt from ISPM15 Regulations – this is required for Wooden pallets shipped between countries Environmentally friendly – most Plastic Pallets are manufactured from recycled materials and can still be recycled. Where Virgin plastic is used for food/pharmaceutical/hygienic applications, these can also be recycled at the end... Read More