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Increase Efficiency and Warehouse Organisation with Exporta Picking Bins

Exporta recently have helped a large clothing ecommerce company increase efficiency and reduce product damage in warehouse storage and picking areas.  They were using cardboard boxes, double or triple stacking and picking from these. The result was the weight crushed the cardboard boxes underneath making picking difficult and sometimes damaging the goods. What’s so good about picking bins? In today’s demanding world of the need of quick and efficient product picking, it is still surprising to find some warehouses still struggling to cope with these conditions. Imagine the downtime in... Read More

Sizing is Critical!

Daniel Paterson discusses the benefits of understanding pallet sizing… We all know what it is like when somebody in our organisation puts a request through and says I need some pallets please –  “can your order some for me?” – we go back and say “what size” – “just the standard ones” of course… Sizing is critical.. -not only to ensure our products are handled securely but also to save cost and ensure we are shipping our goods the most cost effectively. Today, there is a whole range of pallet... Read More

Press Release – Exporta Wins Top eCommerce Award

Exporta, the Product Handling Experts have won an Award at the prestigious National UK eCommerce Awards 2019 for their Business Plus Customer Loyalty Scheme Exporta, the product handing experts, embarked on a new digitalisation project following the arrival of their new Head of eCommerce in July 2018. As a result of the changes and developments, Exporta were shortlisted for 4 categories in the eCommerce Awards for 2019 (www.ecommerceawards.london/finalists-2019/) During the prestigious event on the 25th September at the London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square, along with over 450 other eCommerce professionals,... Read More

Plastic v Wood Presentation – IMHX 2019

Don Marshall, Head of E-Commerce & Marketing, presented this talk at the IMHX exhibition last month. Watch the full video below, and then check out our full range of plastic pallets by clicking HERE

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Rigid Pallet Boxes

The Rigid Pallet Box sits at the backbone of Industry across the world….the most commonly used word to describe them is that they are just “solid”. Used in all types of industries from waste management right through to shipping of high value goods overseas, these boxes that excel themselves every time – now are available with a lid as an option to ensure all things are secure. Have you often had that sneaky feeling when you are packing up goods for storage or onwards shipping and doubting yourself as to... Read More

Display Pallets

Are you aware of the further addition to the Exporta range? Exporta offer a range of 600x400mm Display Pallets that maximise on-shelf availability, enhance store-visibility and inspire end-user customers to buy more.                         These sturdy pallets are used as a platform for both retailers (displaying their products) and manufacturers (storing and transporting their products); small enough to be managed on the retail floor and large enough to cope with large high capacity production-lines They are truly a unique end-to-end... Read More


Are you wasting money shipping fresh air?

One of the most expensive commodities to ship is fresh air. How?  There is no financial value in any currency of fresh air – creation provides it free of charge. Let me explain. In the dynamic and interesting world of returnable transit packaging (where plastic & wooden crates are used as many times as possible before recycling for a further application) a company will typically fill the outbound crates with as much product as sensibly possible. Responsible companies would then want (where feasible) to get this packaging back because:- It... Read More

Exporta selected as finalists in 4 Categories of the eCommerce Awards 2019

Exporta, the Product Handling Experts have been shortlisted as finalists in the prestigious eCommerce Awards 2019 in 4 separate categories. Kinross August 19th 2019 – Exporta, the product handing experts, embarked on a new digitalisation project following the arrival of their new Head of eCommerce in July 2018. As a result of the changes and developments made Exporta have implemented a new website and new sales, marketing and customer service processes that have resulted in these 4 finalist places in the eCommerce Awards for 2019 (www.ecommerceawards.london/finalists-2019/) The news is a... Read More


Exporta Team Up with Recycling Specialist to Offer a Free Plastic Recycling Scheme

Exporta, the UK’s Product Handling Experts have teamed up with Recycling Company – ‘Plastic Expert’ based in Northamptonshire to offer free Recycling to their customers of all plastic items such as Plastic Pallets, Plastic Containers, Boxes and Crates. Plastic waste is a big issue in the world and we at Exporta know that being an Environmentally Friendly supplier is key to trading and it is morally in line with our company values. 98% of all the plastic pallets we sell are made from recycled material. In addition, all our plastic... Read More


Charity of the Month – Scottish Mountain Rescue

This month, our charity of the month is the Scottish Mountain Rescue ‘Scottish Mountain Rescue represents 24 volunteer Mountain Rescue Teams (including Scottish Cave Rescue) with over 800 volunteers, plus an additional 3 Police teams and 1 RAF team.  The teams offer a world class, front line, voluntary search and rescue service that is available any hour, any day and any weather.’ Check out their website HERE