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Exporta selected as finalists in 4 Categories of the eCommerce Awards 2019

Exporta, the Product Handling Experts have been shortlisted as finalists in the prestigious eCommerce Awards 2019 in 4 separate categories. Kinross August 19th 2019 – Exporta, the product handing experts, embarked on a new digitalisation project following the arrival of their new Head of eCommerce in July 2018. As a result of the changes and developments made Exporta have implemented a new website and new sales, marketing and customer service processes that have resulted in these 4 finalist places in the eCommerce Awards for 2019 (www.ecommerceawards.london/finalists-2019/) The news is a... Read More

Exporta Team Up with Recycling Specialist to Offer a Free Plastic Recycling Scheme

Exporta, the UK’s Product Handling Experts have teamed up with Recycling Company – ‘Plastic Expert’ based in Northamptonshire to offer free Recycling to their customers of all plastic items such as Plastic Pallets, Plastic Containers, Boxes and Crates. Plastic waste is a big issue in the world and we at Exporta know that being an Environmentally Friendly supplier is key to trading and it is morally in line with our company values. 98% of all the plastic pallets we sell are made from recycled material. In addition, all our plastic... Read More

Charity of the Month – Scottish Mountain Rescue

This month, our charity of the month is the Scottish Mountain Rescue ‘Scottish Mountain Rescue represents 24 volunteer Mountain Rescue Teams (including Scottish Cave Rescue) with over 800 volunteers, plus an additional 3 Police teams and 1 RAF team.  The teams offer a world class, front line, voluntary search and rescue service that is available any hour, any day and any weather.’ Check out their website HERE

When last did you sharpen the saw?

When last did you sharpen the saw? We all need it but how many of us do it often enough?  You may know the story, but if you don’t then below is the introduction and Google it for the rest…… Sharpening the Saw – A Story About Continued Development. Stephen Covey tells the story of a man who was walking through a forest when he came across a frustrated lumberjack. The lumberjack was trying to cut down a tree and was swearing and cursing as he laboured in vain….. Workplace fatigue and injury has some... Read More

Filling the Cube – Maximising Your Warehouse Space

Purchasing Manager John Wilkin discusses how you can safely maximise your warehouse space… Whatever the floor area of your warehouse or stock room, it`s the height that makes the significant difference. Maximising the use of the building`s height or what is known as `filling the cube` & often utilising shelving and pallet racking is a successful method to achieve this. But this principle of effective design and layout has two efficiency aspects Effective utilisation of space in the warehouse Placement of stock so as to minimise labour and handling costs.... Read More

Do you need a Hygienic Pallet?

Sales manager Daniel Wilkin discusses the difference between hygiene pallets and hygienic pallets… A lot of requests come through from our customers looking for a hygienic plastic pallet for a specific purpose. Often, they have already chosen a pallet that they think could work. Quite often the pallet they have chosen is over specified for their requirements and this is because of a common misunderstanding in general. All plastic pallets are cleaner than wooden pallets, but some plastic pallets are designed to have raw meats, flour, pills etc put directly... Read More

Load Securely

This month we spoke to warehouse manager Calum Young about the benefits of  loading securely… At some point we have all probably been victim to ill packaged goods. You know, the boxes/ loads that look like Tyson Fury has used them for boxing practice. Remember your reaction?? Of course you do. Annoyance, frustration, rage and ultimately disappointment.                     The knock-on effect of a poorly shipped order has nothing but a negative impact on any Company. Some of the issues raised would... Read More

A NEW Use for Dunnage Air Bags

Dunnage Air Bags are designed to secure products safely and securely within a shipping container, however, how about this for a new use? You can fit your Dunnage Bags inside packing cases to stop your product moving in transit. The traditional method involves putting wooden battens or chocks in the container, this involves added labour and the material used may not be heat treated and compatible for the export journey. What better than an air cushion to safely secure your product? Simply place your Dunnage Air Bags in the void... Read More

Dunnage or Damage? You Decide!

Damaged to products whilst in transport cost time and money, no company can afford these kinds of disruptions Let’s have a look at the cost of a damaged trailer/container load of the products we ship out on a regular basis compared to the cost of protecting your goods with dunnage bags. Scenario A container contains 328 x 01-RP12105 Plastic Pallets worth £42.83 each Total value of container = £14,048.24 When this container is in transit, movement causes the load to shift inside the container and as a result 10%/2 stacks... Read More

How Green is your pallet?

There are many Blue Pallets out there provided by certain pooling companies, but have you seen many green ones around? Colour wise, no probably not, but Environmentally speaking then again, no probably not. Most pallets used in the UK are made form wood, in fact around 96% of all pallets used in the UK are reported to be made from wood. It may not be exactly 96% but most pallets you see are wooden. There is a place and a use for wooden pallets for sure, they are readily available... Read More