A NEW Use for Dunnage Air Bags

Dunnage Air Bags are designed to secure products safely and securely within a shipping container, however, how about this for a new use? You can fit your Dunnage Bags inside packing cases to stop your product moving in transit. The traditional method involves putting wooden battens or chocks in the container, this involves added labour and the material used may not be heat treated and compatible for the export journey.

What better than an air cushion to safely secure your product?

Simply place your Dunnage Air Bags in the void left once you’ve packed your product in to the container, if it’s a compressor, a pump or even expensive furniture the Dunnage Bags can be used.

Once the bags are in place, simply inflate to 50%, you can top up as required to ensure a secure resting position for your product.

What better cushion for your product is there available? And it takes seconds to inflate the bags.

Add a lid to the crate and your product is ready to be shipped safely and securely in a compliant and efficient way.

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