Are you wasting money shipping fresh air?

One of the most expensive commodities to ship is fresh air.

How?  There is no financial value in any currency of fresh air – creation provides it free of charge.

Let me explain.

In the dynamic and interesting world of returnable transit packaging (where plastic & wooden crates are used as many times as possible before recycling for a further application) a company will typically fill the outbound crates with as much product as sensibly possible.

Responsible companies would then want (where feasible) to get this packaging back because:-

  1. It saves the cost and administration of buying more.
  2. It delays the recycling process until absolutely necessary.

Take for example, your product works well dispatched in a 1200x800x1000mm crate.  You can fit 33 of these in a curtain-sided trailer (or 66 if you can stack two high).  Your customer receives your delivery safely & securely packed & all is happy.

Now what is to be done with the empty packaging.  It is perfectly reusable & quite likely that your customer wants it out of their way.

Potentially it could cost you £500 for a return load.


Okay, you will have packaging available for re-use for another order but that is mostly transporting fresh air.

Or somehow condense the packaging.  Not easy with a rigid pallet lidded box.

Imagine if you could reduce this essential packaging by 83%!  Suddenly £500 becomes £85. More happiness, less fuel used..

How on earth is this achieved?

Simple. The MegaPack range of Polycrates from Exporta Global  Combining a robust pallet & lockable lid with a tough thick but foldable sleeve, the Polycrate is quickly assembled, filled, secured & dispatched to your customer.

And when these are emptied, the customer can also quickly separate and fold the components for a neat stack ready for collection.

Ideal.  Your goods safely delivered & your packaging efficiently and economically reused.

With footprints from 800x600mm up to 2,250 x 1,495mm, and standard heights of 750 or 900, the Polycrate is stackable & a proven method of safe economical returnable transit packaging.

And then a plethora of options – high impact resistant sleeves for even more protection; load flaps for easier access; reinforced pallets for higher weight loading; printing for promoting your company or message.

Furthermore, if your products needs careful handling specific inserts can be purpose designed to accurately place your product with the Polycrate.

Suddenly the headache has gone. An answer that addresses the cost implications of returning your packaging, doesn`t cost the earth & isn`t moving expensive fresh air from A to B.

Whether your need is immediate or you are looking at a feasibility study, contact Exporta Global on 0800 294 4 394 for a discussion or to arrange a visit from our experienced product experts.












P.S. Another benefit – storing the Polycrate whilst you are preparing your customer orders takes up less space also.

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