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Having your brand and/or contact details on your Returnable Transit Packaging does a lot more simply assisting in getting your product back.  While it does this well by the easily recognisable statement of `Please Return To… a lot more can be done.

Your logo is your image in the big wide world – whether it is in front of your current or potential customers, you will want your brand promoted.  With current options in printing methods, virtually every substrate used in Returnable Transit Packaging can be permanently overprinted so that your company is recognisable quickly.

But there is more still… Where an adequate quantity of a product is satisfied, further methods such as your logo moulded into the product gives a greater meaning to the power of your brand. Or maybe, your corporate colour is a significant part to your brand being recommended – again with the MOQ in mind, any Returnable Transit Packaging moulded in Plastic can be manufactured in the wide range of RAL colours.

Think wider – your products are more often in your marketplace than your staff – how much more quickly could your company be remembered by simply adding your brand logo to your Returnable Transit Packaging.

The whole concept of transit packaging has been developed around ‘containerisation’

For example, a eurocontainer with a footprint of 600x400mm fits neatly onto a 1200x800mm or 1200x1000mm plastic pallet.  These pallets then fit again neatly inside a rail or shipping container, or even on warehouse pallet racking.

Containerisation provides the best use of space, but what happens when your product just doesn`t fit inside standard sizing, but you still need to provide protection to your products?

With Returnable Transit Packaging products made from plastic – (here`s the technical bit) plastics are one of many products made from polymers, and polymers are materials made of long, repeating chains of molecules. The materials have unique properties, depending on the type of molecules being bonded and how they are bonded.

What does that mean to you with a requirement for an non-standard size?  Simply that products such as plastic pallets, containers & collars, special dimensions can be fabricated to your specific size into a product that is equally as strong as the original injection moulded product.

Quite simply – it`s possible.

Exporta Global are masters of Returnable Transit Packaging – whether your requirement is Plain, Printed or Bespoke, contact us on 0800 294 4 394, chat to us at or send your requirements to


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