Case Study | Reach Printing Services | Pallet System

INTRODUCING | A custom pallet system for Reach Printing Services, the largest 3rd party contract print providers in the UK

THE PROBLEM | Reach were having issues with the pallets they were using, the first problem was that they were breaking through normal use and therefore not giving them the right return on investment. They were also losing pallets in their network, so they needed a way to identify and track their pallets in order to minimise loss.

OUR SOLUTION | We listened to our customer and worked with them to create a solution that would meet the needs and requirements but also within budget limitations. We selected a suitable pallet, gave the pallet a distinct yellow colour with clear branding and we added barcoding labels with integrated RFID to allow pallets to be tracked.


We selected our Heavy Duty Monobloc Industrial Pallet (01-LP1210G5). We made the pallets out of virgin material in yellow and added Reach branding in blue. This distinctive appearance complemented brand identity while clearly identifying the pallets owners as Reach.


Secondly, we added barcoding labels with integrated RFID so each pallet can be tracked and traced at any point in the network. We supplied the readers and the software for tracking which works along side a mobile phone.

The order was placed in February 2019 and all deliveries were completed and received by May 2019. We added value to the customer by working closely with them to supply a pallet that stands out from the crowd, is useful in marketing and is fully trackable and traceable – thus giving a great cost/benefit case and saving them money in the medium to long term.

CLIENT FEEDBACK | “Very happy with the pallets.” Head of Group Planning & Logistics at Reach Printing Services

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