Load Securing

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Exporta Creates a Custom Pallet Box Solution for a Leading Subsea Engineering Company

At Exporta, we strive to provide solutions that are tailored specifically to our customer’s needs. Sometimes one of our stock products can do this, on other occasions however, we have to think outside the box. In 2020 subsea engineering firm Oceaneering came to us with a problem. They had an array of different pallet boxes that their engineers would use to take parts on site to a job. The problem was, there was no consistency or style of box in place, it was a collection of different styles and different... Read More

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Bespoke Sized Poly-Crates for ConvaTec

Recently, ConvaTec, a leading UK company in medical products and technologies, came to us with a problem. They had changed the methods they used to ship goods and in doing so had discovered that the existing packaging solution they had was no longer fit for purpose. They were using cardboard crates to ship their products, and with the extra weight after a change in load specification, the crates could no longer withstand the rigours of the shipping process. This was causing ConvaTec several problems. There were costly damages to the... Read More

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Load Securely

This month we spoke to warehouse manager Calum Young about the benefits of  loading securely… At some point we have all probably been victim to ill packaged goods. You know, the boxes/ loads that look like Tyson Fury has used them for boxing practice. Remember your reaction?? Of course you do. Annoyance, frustration, rage and ultimately disappointment.                     The knock-on effect of a poorly shipped order has nothing but a negative impact on any Company. Some of the issues raised would... Read More

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A NEW Use for Dunnage Air Bags

Dunnage Air Bags are designed to secure products safely and securely within a shipping container, however, how about this for a new use? You can fit your Dunnage Bags inside packing cases to stop your product moving in transit. The traditional method involves putting wooden battens or chocks in the container, this involves added labour and the material used may not be heat treated and compatible for the export journey. What better than an air cushion to safely secure your product? Simply place your Dunnage Air Bags in the void... Read More

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Dunnage or Damage? You Decide!

Damaged to products whilst in transport cost time and money, no company can afford these kinds of disruptions Let’s have a look at the cost of a damaged trailer/container load of the products we ship out on a regular basis compared to the cost of protecting your goods with dunnage bags. Scenario A container contains 328 x 01-RP12105 Plastic Pallets worth £42.83 each Total value of container = £14,048.24 When this container is in transit, movement causes the load to shift inside the container and as a result 10%/2 stacks... Read More

Load Securing for Exporting

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), 25 percent of road traffic accidents involve heavy load trucks. Why? Not only does the size and weight of such a vehicle make it more difficult to manoeuvre, but an inadequately secured cargo load could also cause the weight to shift erratically, creating a potentially dangerous imbalance. So what’s the solution? All drivers should ensure that their exports are secured to the highest standards, both within the crates and pallets themselves, but also within the vehicle. Securing Individual Goods Crates and pallets are... Read More