Pallet Collars

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Bespoke Sized Poly-Crates for ConvaTec

Recently, ConvaTec, a leading UK company in medical products and technologies, came to us with a problem. They had changed the methods they used to ship goods and in doing so had discovered that the existing packaging solution they had was no longer fit for purpose. They were using cardboard crates to ship their products, and with the extra weight after a change in load specification, the crates could no longer withstand the rigours of the shipping process. This was causing ConvaTec several problems. There were costly damages to the... Read More

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Rigid Pallet Boxes

The Rigid Pallet Box sits at the backbone of Industry across the world….the most commonly used word to describe them is that they are just “solid”. Used in all types of industries from waste management right through to shipping of high value goods overseas, these boxes that excel themselves every time – now are available with a lid as an option to ensure all things are secure. Have you often had that sneaky feeling when you are packing up goods for storage or onwards shipping and doubting yourself as to... Read More

Plastic Pallet Collars

Maybe a lesser known member of the Flexi-Crate pallet collar family is our range of Plastic Pallet Collars. Available in all the popular sizes of Euro, Half-Euro & ISO to complement our extensive range of plastic pallets and lids, our Plastic Pallet Collars are lighter in weight and fully washable than their wooden counterparts. Agreeably maybe not applicable to very harsh mechanical demands, however Plastic Pallet Collars are currently used globally where appearance is a key factor & their lightweight feature is a brilliant benefit in returnable transit packaging. They... Read More


Not all pallet collars are made equal

Originally posted by Craig Dunn, 30/Jul/18   The world of Pallet Collars should be a simple one.   Need some collars Find a supplier with a good reputation Negotiate price Buy the collars Take delivery Get the cigar out.   But there’s a flaw in this stepped plan.  And it occurs in step 1. You see not all collars are equal.  A collar from one supplier could have a load limit of 6,000KG and be made of planed, chamfered timber, from sustainable resources with galvanised, riveted hinges.    Another supplier... Read More


This is NOT a pallet collar

Originally posted by Roger Mitchell, 08/Jun/18   Surrealist artist Rene Magritte’s masterpiece ‘This is not a pipe’ from 1929 bridges the gap between language and meaning. His statement is taken to mean that the painting is not a pipe – it is merely an image of a pipe. This masterpiece of surrealism creates a 3 way paradox out of the conventional notion that objects correspond to words and images. [That’s enough of that kind of language, buddy.  This is a Product Handling Solutions Blog, not Five Minutes With Freud – Ed]... Read More


Plastic Pallet Collars are really useful

Originally posted by Shona Laing, 27/May/16 wysiwyg/01-PPC121.jpg Nobody was asked to stand on any euro containers this week thankfully. However we were asked about plastic pallet collars and whether they can be used in a storage system. Well, the answer is absolutely, a resounding “YES”. We have clients who successfully utilise plastic pallet collars for internal storage. In fact when you study it they are absolutely IDEAL for use in any environment that requires goods to be stored securely and with protection plus ease of access. The fact that these... Read More


Did you know we have the best quality Pallet Collars in Britain?

Originally posted by Shona Laing, 12/Feb/15   The world of logistics and shipping can be a complicated place for those who are not familiar with its pitfalls – thankfully, you’re most likely not one of them! You do know, however, how many complications can arise if products are not packaged and delivered securely and on time. Here at Exporta, our number one priority is serving our customers by helping them procure the tools that they need to make customers happy, employees safe and bottom lines as plump as possible. One area... Read More