Exporta Boosts Plastic Pallet Sustainability with Free Collection & Recycling

In celebration of World Ocean Day on Tuesday 8th June, we are promoting our commitment to the environment through our Eco Pallets and our free plastic pallet collection and recycling scheme. The fact is, that despite some claims, plastic isn’t always a bad thing for the environment. In fact, it can even be more beneficial than natural products from sustainable sources. It’s how we use it and what we what we do with it after we have used it, that makes the difference. The Plastic Pallet that’s Greener than Wood... Read More

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7 Reasons Why Plastic Pallets Are Better Than Timber – And Cheaper

Timber has traditionally been the material of choice for pallets, but that could be about to change as more users shift to plastic pallets. When was the last time you compared the two alternatives? Let’s take a look. 1. Covid/Brexit Threaten Timber Pallet Availability & Price In February 2021, Global Cold Chain News reported that the combination of the Covid-19 pandemic and Brexit are affecting both the availability and cost of timber pallets. Referring to findings by independent market report company Afry they told of how the index price of... Read More

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New Year, New Rules – Why Now is the Right Time to Switch from Wood to Plastic Pallets

It’s the start of a New Year, and while making resolutions and looking forward to a better year than the one that was 2020, here at Exporta we are also here to look at why now more than ever it makes sense to switch from wooden pallets to plastic pallets. From January 1st not only was it the start of a New Year, but new rules came into effect as part of our move away from the EU. Shipping goods within the EU now means that all wooden pallets must... Read More

plastic pallets vs wood pallets 02/07/2020
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Plastic Pallets – All You Need To Know

Here at Exporta, we’re experts in plastic pallets. To help pass our knowledge to our customers and explain the many benefits of using plastic pallets over wooden pallets, we’ve created a full guide with all of the information you need to know before making the investment for your business.  From the benefits and cost factors to environmental impact and safety, read on for everything you need to know about plastic pallets. Why Choose Plastic Pallets? One of the biggest queries our clients have is what benefits plastic pallets have over... Read More

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Automation Pallets – Wooden or Plastic?

Why should I choose a Plastic Pallet for my automated system? Many companies nowadays are looking to make things quicker, smoother and more efficient. They want less human interaction, less errors and often companies look to automation to achieve this. As with many things, the better the input and planning, the better the output and automated warehouse systems are a prime example of this. There are many examples where companies have suffered after an automated system has been installed. When companies are looking to invest in automated equipment, the humble... Read More

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Hercules Collapsible Pallet Box

The Hercules Collapsible Pallet Box has an innovative new design, it’s packed with useful features! Available in standard size (1200x1000mm) and euro size (1200x800mm) this box can carry up to 750KG in transit! The box is stackable, and when folded down can stack up to 6 high to save space. The folded height of this box is only 35omm! All side walls can be removed and replaced, this means additional drop down doors can be implemented, or a wall can be replaced in the event of damage. Document holders ensure... Read More


Sizing is Critical!

Daniel Paterson discusses the benefits of understanding pallet sizing… We all know what it is like when somebody in our organisation puts a request through and says I need some pallets please –  “can your order some for me?” – we go back and say “what size” – “just the standard ones” of course… Sizing is critical.. -not only to ensure our products are handled securely but also to save cost and ensure we are shipping our goods the most cost effectively. Today, there is a whole range of pallet... Read More


Plastic v Wood Presentation – IMHX 2019

Don Marshall, Head of E-Commerce & Marketing, presented this talk at the IMHX exhibition last month. Watch the full video below, and then check out our full range of plastic pallets by clicking HERE