Do you need a Hygienic Pallet?

Sales manager Daniel Wilkin discusses the difference between hygiene pallets and hygienic pallets… A lot of requests come through from our customers looking for a hygienic plastic pallet for a specific purpose. Often, they have already chosen a pallet that they think could work. Quite often the pallet they have chosen is over specified for their requirements and this is because of a common misunderstanding in general. All plastic pallets are cleaner than wooden pallets, but some plastic pallets are designed to have raw meats, flour, pills etc put directly... Read More

How Green is your pallet?

There are many Blue Pallets out there provided by certain pooling companies, but have you seen many green ones around? Colour wise, no probably not, but Environmentally speaking then again, no probably not. Most pallets used in the UK are made form wood, in fact around 96% of all pallets used in the UK are reported to be made from wood. It may not be exactly 96% but most pallets you see are wooden. There is a place and a use for wooden pallets for sure, they are readily available... Read More

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Case Study | Reach Printing Services | Pallet System

INTRODUCING | A custom pallet system for Reach Printing Services, the largest 3rd party contract print providers in the UK THE PROBLEM | Reach were having issues with the pallets they were using, the first problem was that they were breaking through normal use and therefore not giving them the right return on investment. They were also losing pallets in their network, so they needed a way to identify and track their pallets in order to minimise loss. OUR SOLUTION | We listened to our customer and worked with them... Read More

Recycling Waste Plastic for Use in Plastic Pallets

Having recently visited a waste plastic recycling facility, I am amazed at the level of diligence in turning `filthy` waste plastic into graded material for adding into the supply chain for our plastic pallets. Not to bore you with details, but seeing bales of post-consumer plastic waste shredded, graded, filtered, washed, dried & stored into product that can go into producing Exporta plastic pallets was fascinating. Rightly so the current attention on the horrible waste plastic that is soiling & spoiling our planet maybe has a paradigm shift. Big word,... Read More

Plastic Pallets – Quality & Supply

If you only compare the unit cost of a wooden pallet to a plastic alternative, then you probably dismiss plastic without a 2nd thought. The two materials are about as different as Democrats & Republicans; and it could be time for your 2nd thought. Let’s look at the Quality – there is understandably much concern currently over the amount of waste plastic dumped in our environment.  Our plastic pallets take such material, and process this into a longterm reusable item of transit packaging. (And when it`s useful life is done,... Read More

How can we improve your pooling operation?

Exporta has long been known as one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of Plastic Pallets with a broad and diverse range of products to suit any pallet application. As we continue to work with our manufacturing partners to further broaden and deepen our range, we bring into stock a full line of pallets in virgin HDPE material that are particularly suited to the pooling market, building on the success and proven performance of the same line in recycled material introduced nearly 2 years ago. Typical closed loop pooling operation Over... Read More


Pallet Materials Compared

Originally posted by Craig Dunn, 21/May/18   Okay, pallets aren’t really that exciting are they? After all, they’re just bits of wood, or plastic, or metal that you put goods on to store in the warehouse, or send out the door. Most people won’t give them a second thought because they’ve got more important things to think about. So, what’s the big deal? It’s just a pallet! It’s a commonly held viewpoint, however, it can be addressed with the well-known saying “You are only as strong as your weakest link”... Read More

10 Unusual Uses of Plastic Pallets

Originally posted by Thomas Wood-Goulbourn, 02/May/18   The humble Plastic Pallet must be almost one of the most diversely used products in industry. As we know they are used in numerous applications: protecting, storing, transporting, lifting, suspending. They are used in every industry possible: food, pharmaceutical, heavy industrial manufacturing, light industrial manufacturing, agricultural, rail, road, shipping and air transportation, electrical, construction, facilities, mining, defence and military, aerospace, energy generation, chemical, retail, entertainment and hospitality, health, media, entertainment and hospitality, communications. In fact to share with you some of the uses our... Read More


The Wooden Pallet is Dead

Originally posted by Craig Dunn, 30/Jan/18     Wooden Pallets Are Dead “The end of the wooden pallet is nigh!”, shouted no-one ever. Until now. I mean, how could it be true? The humble wooden pallet is pretty much as ubiquitous in a warehouse as a pump-truck and an ill-fitting hi-vis vest. However, could it be true? Look at trend line in this graph based on the price evolution of solid timber.   Huge jumps in costs, and demand oustriping supply means wooden pallets are no-longer sustainable. When we say... Read More