Use Euro Pallets? Why you should change to the Euro PLUS Pallet Today.

Originally posted by Craig Dunn, 06/Dec/17 Use Euro Pallets? Why the new Euro PLUS Pallet is the pallet for you. The Euro Pallet is extremely widely used. It’s pretty much highly regarded and the default for a lot of companies sending goods across Europe.  It’s rare that users look at swapping to a new solution – UNTIL NOW! Exporta has launched the new Euro PLUS Pallet.  A Plastic Pallet that is the euro footprint and comes with a number of improvements. Here’s why you should move to the new Euro PLUS... Read More


5 Product features you probably didn’t know existed

Originally posted by Craig Dunn, 08/Mar/17   5 Product features you probably didn’t know existed Euro Containers Cross Stacking Euro Containers are used a lot in Automation and as sturdy containers for storage and transit. Ranging from little more than the size of a shoe right up to containers that you could row across the Atlantic, they come in a variety of capacities. But have you ever wondered what the ridge on the bottom of a Euro Container is for? Many people don’t know, so let’s explain. While you can... Read More



Originally published by Craig Dunn, 08/Nov/16   New Products Now Available We’ve introduced a number of new products lately so thought it would be useful to update you on what’s new.   ESD Euro Containers Electrostatic Discharge is a component killer – but euro containers are so useful. That’s why we’ve introduced an ESD Euro Container for you to safely move electronic goods.   Blue Euro Containers We’ve been getting asked for blue euro containers for quite some time now. So we listened and are now stocking a full range... Read More


Plastic Pallets Help You Meet Your Recycling Needs

Originally posted by Shona Laing, 05/Nov/15   Plastic pallets are being preferred more and more over the traditional wood pallets and for all the right reasons. Some salient benefits of using plastic pallets: Saves floor space Reduces freight charges Lasts 10 times longer than wood thereby saving more money 30% lighter than wood which makes it easy and fast to carry Easy to clean No nails, splinters, or sharp edges Water and fire resistant Bacteria and germs free But there is one thing that probably beats all of the above... Read More


Plastic Pallets Give Consistency of Size and Strength

Originally posted by Shona Laing, 05/Nov/15   Plastic pallets are made from recycled plastic. Exporta Global is known for building quality recycled plastic pallets that last 10 times more than wood pallets and are 30% lighter. Consistency in Size and Strength: But why are shipping companies across the globe choosing plastics over wood pallets? There are certain reasons behind it such as wood pallets are made from trees. Trees come in all shapes, sizes and qualities. This leads to inconsistency. Even if you are cutting trees of the same quality... Read More

Plastic Closed Deck Pallets are Contaminant Free

Originally posted by Shona Laing, 05/Nov/15   There are two different basic kinds of plastic pallets available in the market: open and closed. Exporta Global is in the business of manufacturing plastic pallets, and they are experts when it comes to plastic closed deck pallets. There are various reasons why you would choose closed deck design over the open deck design. Advantages: Close smooth deck plastic pallets are less prone to accumulation of dust and other impurities. This is because they have a smoother surface and there are no holes... Read More


Why plastic pallets are exempt from ISPM15 Regulations

Originally posted by Shona Laing, 05/Nov/15   Why Plastic Pallets are Exempt from ISPM15 Regulations ISPM stands for International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures No 15. ISPM15 was developed by the International Plant Protection Convention (IPPC) which provides guidelines on how to treat wooden materials that a have thickness of more than 6mm. Issues with Wood Pallets Wooden pallets were used in the early days of freight and transportation business when plastic pallets were yet to be designed and manufactured. The problem with wooden pallets was that they caused a serious... Read More


Why are plastic pallets Hygienic?

Originally posted by Shona Laing, 05/Nov/15   Hygienic pallets are mostly used in food products, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and other such hygiene sensitive industries. Exporta Global offers hygienic plastic pallets that are available in different sizes and forms.   Why plastic pallets are hygienic?   So why are plastic pallets more hygienic than the regular wooden pallets? There are several reasons behind it such as:   Because they have a smooth surface, they are extremely easy to clean which makes them more hygienic The surface of plastic is not porous, this... Read More

Launch of the Pallet Guide

Originally posted by Shona Laing, 28/Sep/15   When shipping products locally or overseas, you will need to utilize quality pallets. These pallets are not only responsible for carrying your goods, but protecting them as well. Because there are many pallet variations and designs available on the market, it is important to know the differences between them and how they function. The Exporta Pallet Guide is designed to give you a comprehensive list of pallets used throughout the world, both wooden and plastic pallets, which is our specialty. Selecting the Right... Read More

Closed Deck Pallets in the Food Industry

Originally posted by Craig Dunn, 18/Sep/15   Because food exports are vulnerable to bacteria or mold, special pallets must be used to transport them. These closed deck pallets provide higher levels of hygiene by featuring closed tops, and they are free of cavities where bacteria can enter. This ensures that the food products being shipped are protected from contamination. The best closed deck pallets will typically be made from plastic, and are simple to clean. Closed Deck Pallet Design These pallets are manufactured differently from the standard wooden model. Many... Read More