Racking & Shelving

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Shelving & Container Combinations

We have a current scheme running in our own warehouse called Project Glide.  Quote simply, we review data for usage of products & place these faster moving products nearer the inbound loading bays & dispatch area. This means that our warehouse team are spending less time to store away incoming shipments & pick our customer orders.  Classic case of LESS=MORE. Not only does this apply to bulk stacks of plastic pallets and containers & wooden collars, but also on smaller items. Traditionally & sensibly everyone places smaller items on Shelving... Read More


Protect & Organise – Longspan Shelving

Longspan Shelving sits at the backbone of UK warehousing…a great product at a great price! This shelving is easily erected, looks smart and enhances the look of any work environment. Today’s life is busy and is certainly not slowing down – but at times, we must stop and take a breath to consider what needs to be put in place to enable the future growth of our organisations. Like most of us, do you suffer from not having enough storage space and wish you could do something about it without... Read More


Engineering Stores Shelving

It’s 0200, you’re on nightshift, the production run your responsible for has to be completed by 0900 ready for export the following day…..the shipping container is arriving at 0930….and the production line shuts down…. You call the engineer immediately and after 5 mins it’s established what’s wrong and the parts needed – this is when a well organised Engineering Stores is critical.  With downtime on the production line costing thousands of £’s per hour and the risk of missing critical delivery dates for your key customers, the stakes are high.... Read More

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Filling the Cube – Maximising Your Warehouse Space

Purchasing Manager John Wilkin discusses how you can safely maximise your warehouse space… Whatever the floor area of your warehouse or stock room, it`s the height that makes the significant difference. Maximising the use of the building`s height or what is known as `filling the cube` & often utilising shelving and pallet racking is a successful method to achieve this. But this principle of effective design and layout has two efficiency aspects Effective utilisation of space in the warehouse Placement of stock so as to minimise labour and handling costs.... Read More

It’s time to clear up the clutter…

The request always comes up from the shop floor – I need some more shelving to put away all this stuff lying around! – then you ask, well what do you need? The standard response is – I just need something strong, looks good and just “works” – Exporta has the answer..   Longspan Shelving never ceases to be the great middle of the road product that sits at the top end of the shelving range but is a lot more compact than pallet racking and is designed for manual... Read More

5 Things you need to know BEFORE you start a racking and shelving project

Originally posted by Craig Dunn, 05/Jun/17 Some warehouse projects can be confusing, challenging and exciting all rolled into one. It’s important that if you’re considering doing the project internally that you have all the knowledge you need to hand in order for the design and build to go smoothly. To help you along we’ve put together a nice and simple guide. Presenting below our Top 5 Things you should know BEFORE you start your Racking and Shelving Project. It’s a FREE Download.  Simply click the link.

Building up Longspan Shelving

Originally posted by Craig Dunn, 21/Jul/17   We put the task of seeing how FAST we could build three bays of longspan shelving and get products on to them to some of warehouse team. Check out the video of how it went.