Why Exporta Euro Containers are perfect for Retail Environments

Why Exporta Euro Containers are perfect for Retail Environments. Unless you’ve invested £500,000 – £150,000,000 in an automated picking system, you’ll probably still be manually picking apparel if you work in a retail clothing warehouse. While it’s inevitable the robots will eventually come and claim every part of the process, there’s still time before Sarah Connor needs to get involved. Indeed many retail clothing operations still use hordes of willing employees to manually pick and move garments around their warehouse. While this can be a slick operation, and most Operations... Read More


Awesome Bundle Offer – Euro Containers and Racking

Originally posted by Craig Dunn, 17/Aug/17 This is an awesome bundle offer for some heavy duty storage.  Heavy duty rivet racking and super strong Euro Containers with lids and locks.  We had half and hour of fun putting this video together and making it as dramatic as we could.  A bit tongue in cheek, but still a great offer. For more info on this Euro Container / Racking bundle or to buy online click here.  


Euro Containers Going Out

Originally posted by Craig Dunn, 16/May/17 A quick check on Euro Containers shows that they are a hot property just now with hundreds leaving our warehouse on a regularly daily basis. Above you can see part of delivery that went out today to one customer.  These super-robust plastic boxes meet the euro footprint size and are ideal for automation, can come with and without pass through handles and also have the option of having lids.  When you add in you can have them in any colour you can see how they... Read More

New White Dunnage Air Bag

Originally posted by Craig Dunn, 25/Nov/16   New Dunnage Bags These white Dunnage Bags are great where  you would expect to be in an environment that has excess moisture. They are just as strong as their manilla coloured cousins and take the same weight – up to 9 Tons.  So if you’re working in an area that may get moisture ingress and you currently use Dunnage bags then you might consider swapping over to these as they are the SAME PRICE.  Check them out here.


How strong is a Dunnage Air Bag?

Originally posted by Shona Laing, 20/Oct/15 This week we were asked a simple question.””How strong is an Exporta Global Dunnage Air Bag?””So we decided to drop a Nissan Navarra onto one to find out. Give us a call FREE on 0800 294 4 394 for FREE advice from one of our experts. Super Deals on Void Filling Dunnage Air Bags

What are Euro Containers?

Designed specifically for stacking, our range of Euro Containers are perfect for both storage and distribution and in stock available for next day delivery but, what is a Euro Container? What are Euro Containers? A Euro Container (also known as a KLT Box coming from the German Kleinladungstrager or “”small load carrier””) Euro Containers are industrial stacking containers that conform the VDA 4500 standard.   The Euro Container was originally used in the automotive industry but has now been adapted across many areas of manufacturing and shipping.  The most common sizes are 600x400mm... Read More

Everything you need to know about Dunnage Airbags

What Are Dunnage Airbags? Dunnage Airbags are made from Composite Kraft/PP Woven Material, and have a shock absorbing air filled chamber, which fills any voids between cargo. This secures the load while in transportation, reducing the chance of damage to the load. Where can Dunnage Airbags be used? Dunnage Airbags can be used to secure loads whether being transported by sea, rail or road and also with a variety of products such as: –   Papers Liquids Ceramics Chemicals Fruits Timber Pallet Shipping Bagged cargo Cans Reels Barrels Crates and... Read More