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COVID-19: Supporting the Supply of Essential Goods

  BUSINESS UPDATE COVID-19: Supporting the Supply of Essential Goods   Exporta are still operating under government guidelines and as a supplier to Businesses that are currently providing essential items we are focussing on supporting their supply chains to keep goods moving   Kinross March 24th, 2020   Supporting Key Industries with Handling Material:   At Exporta we support many industries, but our key focus has switched to supporting those industries that are supplying essential items to those that need them across the country.   These industries are food and... Read More

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Top 5 Ideas on How to Drive Your Business During the COVID-19 Restrictions & Crisis

My top tips and ideas for Businesses in preparation for additional Coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions and the current economic crisis that is now upon us. At the moment everyone is encouraged to work from home wherever possible. To stay at home as much as possible, limit contact with other people and if you are in an ‘at-risk’ group to stay inside completely. Add to the restrictions that are affecting many types of business and we are in a looming economic downturn. The effects of this will be far greater than the... Read More

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Pallet Racking Design & Fit-Out in Peterhead

Case Study This case study describes a recent project we undertook in Peterhead. It’s one of many examples of how we can help reinvigorate your warehouse, making your operation more efficient, compliant and competitive. If you’d like to discuss your warehouse project, get in touch today by calling 0800 294 4394 or email The Problem In this scenario, the client was only using the available floor space in one of their warehouses for storing pallets. They were looking to increase their storage capacity and they wanted to install pallet... Read More

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Automation Pallets – Wooden or Plastic?

Why should I choose a Plastic Pallet for my automated system? Many companies nowadays are looking to make things quicker, smoother and more efficient. They want less human interaction, less errors and often companies look to automation to achieve this. As with many things, the better the input and planning, the better the output and automated warehouse systems are a prime example of this. There are many examples where companies have suffered after an automated system has been installed. When companies are looking to invest in automated equipment, the humble... Read More

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“Fruit and vegetable growers moving away from wooden crates to clean, lightweight and durable plastic crates”

Our Head of eCommerce and Fulfillment Don Marshall spoke to Fresh Plaza last month about our range, Plastic is not exactly in vogue at the moment but it does have its advantages in transportation and storage environments. Don Marshall Head of Ecommerce & Fulfilment at Scottish based company Exporta believes it a much better material for pallets and crates than wood. “Fruit and vegetable growers are moving away from the traditional wooden crates used during harvest time to the clean, lightweight and durable plastic crates,” explains Don. “Plastic does not rot... Read More

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Wood is Good – Plastic is Bad! Is this really true when it comes to pallets?

Everyone seems to think that wood is good and plastic bad on all levels but is this actually true? Wood is perceived to be better for the environment, more cost effective and more useful. Let’s look further and deeper into this and see what comes out. Wood is good isn’t it? Just start by thinking about where wood actually comes from. It comes from trees which are not insignificant in the worlds eco system. Deforestation along with pollution are deemed as two of the biggest contributing factors to global climate... Read More

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Exporta Case Study – Racking & Storage System

Location London Size of Space 1,000 sq. ft. Timeframe 2 weeks Introducing The fit out of a new warehouse for a leading flooring wholesaler in London The client’s brief To supply and install a pallet racking and storage system that catered to the varied nature of a busy flooring distribution hub. How we transformed the space By working with the client to manage the project from the supply of racking and coordination of delivery, through to managing an installation schedule to suit their move to a new facility. Careful beam... Read More


Plastic Pallets are too Expensive! Are they really?

Plastic pallets are much more expensive than wooden pallets… This is generally true. An untreated pallet made from wood is far cheaper than a plastic pallet used for the equivalent purpose. Add in heat treatment and certification for export then the price gap begins to close. Wood prices have been rising and as such the gap is narrowing all the time. When you look at wood v plastic over a longer time period then the tables are truly turned. The initial cost of purchase is higher for plastic pallets but... Read More

The BIG BOX Range from Exporta

Key Account Manager Scott Bridger takes you through our BIG BOX range! We have a huge range available, shop online now for delivery tomorrow! Poly-Crates Shop Now Dolav Compatible Boxes Shop Now Cardboard Crates Shop Now Plastic Collar Crates Shop Now Wooden Pallet Collar Crates Shop Now Rigid Pallet Boxes Shop Now Hercules Collapsible Pallet Boxes Shop Now