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Increase Efficiency and Warehouse Organisation with Exporta Picking Bins

Exporta recently have helped a large clothing ecommerce company increase efficiency and reduce product damage in warehouse storage and picking areas.  They were using cardboard boxes, double or triple stacking and picking from these. The result was the weight crushed the cardboard boxes underneath making picking difficult and sometimes damaging the goods. What’s so good about picking bins? In today’s demanding world of the need of quick and efficient product picking, it is still surprising to find some warehouses still struggling to cope with these conditions. Imagine the downtime in... Read More


Are you wasting money shipping fresh air?

One of the most expensive commodities to ship is fresh air. How?  There is no financial value in any currency of fresh air – creation provides it free of charge. Let me explain. In the dynamic and interesting world of returnable transit packaging (where plastic & wooden crates are used as many times as possible before recycling for a further application) a company will typically fill the outbound crates with as much product as sensibly possible. Responsible companies would then want (where feasible) to get this packaging back because:- It... Read More


When last did you sharpen the saw?

When last did you sharpen the saw? We all need it but how many of us do it often enough?  You may know the story, but if you don’t then below is the introduction and Google it for the rest…… Sharpening the Saw – A Story About Continued Development. Stephen Covey tells the story of a man who was walking through a forest when he came across a frustrated lumberjack. The lumberjack was trying to cut down a tree and was swearing and cursing as he laboured in vain….. Workplace fatigue and injury has some... Read More

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Filling the Cube – Maximising Your Warehouse Space

Purchasing Manager John Wilkin discusses how you can safely maximise your warehouse space… Whatever the floor area of your warehouse or stock room, it`s the height that makes the significant difference. Maximising the use of the building`s height or what is known as `filling the cube` & often utilising shelving and pallet racking is a successful method to achieve this. But this principle of effective design and layout has two efficiency aspects Effective utilisation of space in the warehouse Placement of stock so as to minimise labour and handling costs.... Read More

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Case Study | Reach Printing Services | Pallet System

INTRODUCING | A custom pallet system for Reach Printing Services, the largest 3rd party contract print providers in the UK THE PROBLEM | Reach were having issues with the pallets they were using, the first problem was that they were breaking through normal use and therefore not giving them the right return on investment. They were also losing pallets in their network, so they needed a way to identify and track their pallets in order to minimise loss. OUR SOLUTION | We listened to our customer and worked with them... Read More


New year, new space?

New Year, New Space? All companies will have set a sales target for this year and that target would usually filter down through the organisation and each department would have the opportunity to make changes to align to that target. With the internet having already changed the world considerably and indeed still continues to do so at an ever-increasing rate, have you considered how your stores, distribution centres, or warehouses have had to adapt and change to keep up with the pace of change? Having worked in the Distribution sector... Read More


Have you got an alien fork in your warehouse storage

Originally posted by Scott Logie, 25/Jun/18     I have O.C.D……… not like medically diagnosed or anything but I like things to be a certain way – organised. In fact, it goes slightly passed just ‘organised’. I’m a sucker for symmetry, colour coding, neatness and alignment – I’m a nightmare. I’ll empty the dishwasher and put the cutlery back in the drawer with military precision, the spoons will be stacked neatly, knife blades all facing the same way and miscellaneous utensils like scissors and bottle openers all must be sitting... Read More


Acronyms and Phrases Your Warehouse Uses and You Don’t Know

Originally posted by Craig Dunn, 27/Feb/18     For some the Warehouse is a place of wonder. For others it’s their daily place of work. If you don’t work in a warehouse it almost seems like the people in there have their own language. Talkingabout OTIF and TPL and a host of other acronyms and phrases. Here we gather some of the more humorous, lesser known acronyms and phrases for your enjoyment.     FIF – Fix it Fast – Somebody in the team has screwed up and the Head... Read More


8 Ways to Stop Your Retail Warehouse Bursting at the Seams

Originally posted by Craig Dunn, 20/Feb/18   8 Ways to Stop Your Retail Warehouse Bursting at the Seams If you’re in Retail and more specifically, Clothing Retail, then you’ve probably seen huge change the way warehouse operations … errr…. Operate. Pop up shops, “bricks and clicks”, fast fashion and Amazon have all had a major impact. If you’ve experienced recent high growth then chances are you’re starting to push the envelope on what your current warehousing can cope with. Maybe you’ve already got some pallets sitting in the aisles or... Read More