COVID-19: Continued Safe Operating and Supply to Essential Industries

Exporta continue to operate, albeit with a much adapted operation and reduced team, as a designated essential supplier with a prioritisation and focus on key industries whilst following all lockdown guidance and the desire to ensure all our staff, suppliers and customers are as safe as possible

Kinross April 7th 2020


Safety and Wellbeing our First Priority

At the current time the safety and wellbeing of all our staff, customers and suppliers is paramount and along with the current requirements we have adapted our operation to ensure safety at all costs even if is at the detriment to our business.

We have scaled back our operations whilst at the same time still maintaining our usual high standards or quality, speed of service and communications.



All our non-Warehouse staff continue to work remotely from their own homes and so are adhering to the Government instructions of staying at home.

Our warehouse team has been reduced by 50% and on a strict rota basis with social distancing in place as well as PPE and hygiene processes in place.

A number of our staff are currently on furlough and safe at home with their families.


Supporting Key Industries with Handling Material:

We have prioritised working with the essential industries such as food and food manufacture, agriculture, pharmaceutical and healthcare along with the NHS. Where possible and necessary, we have ringfenced stock that these customers require.

We have committed to hold our prices and we will not increase any prices unless unavoidable. In fact, we have removed our shipping charges from our website for online sales in a bid to help all our customer out as part of our commitment of support. 


PPE – Personal Protective Equipment

In our last update we mentioned that PPE was in shortage and supply was very difficult throughout the UK. In the meantime, our Purchasing team has been working tirelessly to secure PPE wherever they can. At this moment in time we do have an amount of PPE available to purchase in small quantities on our website and any larger orders are by enquiry only and reserved for true essential businesses such as the NHS and other support services.

We have created a specific section on our website that show only what is in stock and available to order at any given point in time.


The positive news at this point in time is that we have not had a single case of infection amongst our staff or their families and at this point in time are not aware of any customer or supplier who have been infected.


Stay safe, stay at home.


Find out more at or call us FREE on 0808 301 8121


Yours sincerely,

Dale Paterson

Managing Director






Press Contact Details:

Name of contact: Don Marshall, Head of Marketing & eCommerce

Tel.: (01592) 657 407




Please feel free to contact me at any point for any further information, images or questions at all on the details above.

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