Display Pallets

Are you aware of the further addition to the Exporta range?

Exporta offer a range of 600x400mm Display Pallets that maximise on-shelf availability, enhance store-visibility and inspire end-user customers to buy more.













These sturdy pallets are used as a platform for both retailers (displaying their products) and manufacturers (storing and transporting their products); small enough to be managed on the retail floor and large enough to cope with large high capacity production-lines

They are truly a unique end-to-end supply chain product.

Benefits include:

  • Improved stock density, reduces replenishment costs and improves on-shelf availability
  • Robust and high strength design giving excellent ROI
  • Compatible with existing transport arrangements
  • 4-Way Entry
  • Hygienic, dust-free and moisture-resistant product compared with wooden equivalents
  • Consistent size and design, as one-piece moulded
  • Reduces the risk of manual handling injury from splinters, nails and sharp edges.
  • Enables one touch movement from production to retail display
  • Reduced handling lowers the risk of product damage through the supply chain
  • Improved promotional efficiency by moving displays fully stocked
  • Non-porous surface protects goods from contamination
  • Environmentally friendly: 100% recyclable

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