Dunnage or Damage? You Decide!

Damaged to products whilst in transport cost time and money, no company can afford these kinds of disruptions

Let’s have a look at the cost of a damaged trailer/container load of the products we ship out on a regular basis compared to the cost of protecting your goods with dunnage bags.


A container contains 328 x 01-RP12105 Plastic Pallets worth £42.83 each

Total value of container = £14,048.24

When this container is in transit, movement causes the load to shift inside the container and as a result 10%/2 stacks of plastic pallets are damaged and cannot be used equating to £1,370.56

Dunnage bags to suit this container are around £5 each, so one between every 2 stacks of pallets is 11 bags equating to £55



Would you rather pay an average of £55 for every trailer/container of goods you send out or risk paying up to 10’s of thousands on damaged goods (depending on what value your goods are!) and putting the reputation of your company at risk?


Dunnage or Damage? You decide!!!

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