Engineering Stores Shelving

It’s 0200, you’re on nightshift, the production run your responsible for has to be completed by 0900 ready for export the following day…..the shipping container is arriving at 0930….and the production line shuts down….

You call the engineer immediately and after 5 mins it’s established what’s wrong and the parts needed – this is when a well organised Engineering Stores is critical.  With downtime on the production line costing thousands of £’s per hour and the risk of missing critical delivery dates for your key customers, the stakes are high.

At Exporta, we understand what’s at stake and provide advice and input from year’s of experience in the Storage market.  Choose from a wide range of Shelving types along with a large selection of bin/crate types.

Our shelving range includes Rivet, Longspan, Drawer, Reel, Kanban options with heavier duty Pallet Racking available.  To enable immediate and efficient access to all your Engineering parts, many sizes of Small Parts Storage Bins are available along with Cardboard Bins, Steel Tote Pans, Euro Containers, Picking Bins.  Louvre Panels and stands and Chrome Wire Trollies all options for alternative storage and layout.

With full in-house CAD drawing facilities, our projects team will provide designs and layouts, drawing on proven experience and best practice in the industry.

Engineering Stores – the backbone of your factory efficiency…

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