Every Company has a unique DNA | Shout it out on your crates and boxes!

Leaner, cleaner workplaces are now the norm, to be efficient, super-productive and competitive; the once-considered dirty, noisy engineering workshops are being transformed into state-of-the-art, glistening, ultra-clean, eat your dinner off the floor environments. To be in line with the £100,000’s spent on these improvements, companies are branding plastic crates and boxes not only to keep these areas looking smart but to also reinforce their brand.

At Exporta we offer options for branding your crates; we offer a simple colour coded tagging system whereby a coloured square is printed on the side of the crate/box – to a printed name/ logo being added.

Alternatively, it may be you need your crates/boxes manufactured in corporate colours. There is a minimum order quantity for this service; however if you want your factory/ warehouse/ workshop to have the corporate look – it could be the option you need to consider.

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