Load Securely

This month we spoke to warehouse manager Calum Young about the benefits of  loading securely…

At some point we have all probably been victim to ill packaged goods.

You know, the boxes/ loads that look like Tyson Fury has used them for boxing practice.

Remember your reaction??

Of course you do.

Annoyance, frustration, rage and ultimately disappointment.











The knock-on effect of a poorly shipped order has nothing but a negative impact on any Company.

Some of the issues raised would be:

Damaged goods

  • Costs of sending replacements
  • Extra carriage to be absorbed
  • A health & safety issue for you clients
  • Increase in Non-Conformance reports
  • Loss of time
  • Dent to Morale
  • Negative company image
  • Loss of Contracts

By loading goods securely all these issues can be averted.

Not only do you get a happy client, you’ll get rave reviews and repeat business.











We at Exporta provide top-end products to ensure that our clients have the best tools available to ensure that their freight is loaded and transported securely.

Contact our experienced sales team today to find out how we can help you.

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