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Every Company has a unique DNA | Shout it out on your crates and boxes!

Leaner, cleaner workplaces are now the norm, to be efficient, super-productive and competitive; the once-considered dirty, noisy engineering workshops are being transformed into state-of-the-art, glistening, ultra-clean, eat your dinner off the floor environments. To be in line with the £100,000’s spent on these improvements, companies are branding plastic crates and boxes not only to keep these areas looking smart but to also reinforce their brand. At Exporta we offer options for branding your crates; we offer a simple colour coded tagging system whereby a coloured square is printed on the... Read More

Why Should I Use Plastic Pallets?

Our Sales Team Leader Daniel Wilkin looks at the key benefits of Plastic Pallets Lightweight – saving money on airfreight and easier in manual handling Space saving – four times as many Nestable Plastic Pallets can fit in one stack compared to Wooden Pallets. Exempt from ISPM15 Regulations – this is required for Wooden pallets shipped between countries Environmentally friendly – most Plastic Pallets are manufactured from recycled materials and can still be recycled. Where Virgin plastic is used for food/pharmaceutical/hygienic applications, these can also be recycled at the end... Read More

ISO 9001 and ISO14001

March has seen us recertified to the ISO 9001 and ISO14001 Standards. What are ISO standards and why should you care?  As the world’s most widely recognized quality and environmental management standards, they outline ways to achieve a set standard, as well as benchmark to provide consistent performance and service and to meet increasingly high customer expectations and ensure we meet corporate responsibility as well as legal/regulatory requirements. ISO 9001 quality management system allows us to continually monitor and manage quality across all operations and brings benefits including: – Allows... Read More

Plastic Pallets – Quality & Supply

If you only compare the unit cost of a wooden pallet to a plastic alternative, then you probably dismiss plastic without a 2nd thought. The two materials are about as different as Democrats & Republicans; and it could be time for your 2nd thought. Let’s look at the Quality – there is understandably much concern currently over the amount of waste plastic dumped in our environment.  Our plastic pallets take such material, and process this into a longterm reusable item of transit packaging. (And when it`s useful life is done,... Read More

How can we improve your pooling operation?

Exporta has long been known as one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of Plastic Pallets with a broad and diverse range of products to suit any pallet application. As we continue to work with our manufacturing partners to further broaden and deepen our range, we bring into stock a full line of pallets in virgin HDPE material that are particularly suited to the pooling market, building on the success and proven performance of the same line in recycled material introduced nearly 2 years ago. Typical closed loop pooling operation Over... Read More

The Key Benefits of Plastic

The Key Benefits of Plastic Ideal for Export – exempt from ISPM15 regulations and accepted in all countries without the need of a heat treatment certificate! Lighter – saving up to £40/pallet on airfreight costs and reduces amount of CO2 emissions in transport of goods! Hygienic – no dirt or dust ingress into factory, and no contamination issues which is ideal for food and Pharmaceutical industries! Easier to Handle – lighter for safer manual handling and no sharp edges or splinters Easy to Clean – can be steam cleaned or... Read More

Charity of the Month – December 2018

Every Month we nominate a good cause to be our Charity of the month and any money we raise that month will be donated to that cause. Our Charity of the Month for last Month was: Save the Children We took donations for wearing Christmas jumpers and for cakes as well as our normal ‘tuck shop’ profits.

It’s time to clear up the clutter…

The request always comes up from the shop floor – I need some more shelving to put away all this stuff lying around! – then you ask, well what do you need? The standard response is – I just need something strong, looks good and just “works” – Exporta has the answer..   Longspan Shelving never ceases to be the great middle of the road product that sits at the top end of the shelving range but is a lot more compact than pallet racking and is designed for manual... Read More


New year, new space?

New Year, New Space? All companies will have set a sales target for this year and that target would usually filter down through the organisation and each department would have the opportunity to make changes to align to that target. With the internet having already changed the world considerably and indeed still continues to do so at an ever-increasing rate, have you considered how your stores, distribution centres, or warehouses have had to adapt and change to keep up with the pace of change? Having worked in the Distribution sector... Read More