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The BIG BOX Range from Exporta

Key Account Manager Scott Bridger takes you through our BIG BOX range! We have a huge range available, shop online now for delivery tomorrow! Poly-Crates Shop Now Dolav Compatible Boxes Shop Now Cardboard Crates Shop Now Plastic Collar Crates Shop Now Wooden Pallet Collar Crates Shop Now Rigid Pallet Boxes Shop Now Hercules Collapsible Pallet Boxes Shop Now

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Hercules Collapsible Pallet Box

The Hercules Collapsible Pallet Box has an innovative new design, it’s packed with useful features! Available in standard size (1200x1000mm) and euro size (1200x800mm) this box can carry up to 750KG in transit! The box is stackable, and when folded down can stack up to 6 high to save space. The folded height of this box is only 35omm! All side walls can be removed and replaced, this means additional drop down doors can be implemented, or a wall can be replaced in the event of damage. Document holders ensure... Read More

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Shelving & Container Combinations

We have a current scheme running in our own warehouse called Project Glide.  Quote simply, we review data for usage of products & place these faster moving products nearer the inbound loading bays & dispatch area. This means that our warehouse team are spending less time to store away incoming shipments & pick our customer orders.  Classic case of LESS=MORE. Not only does this apply to bulk stacks of plastic pallets and containers & wooden collars, but also on smaller items. Traditionally & sensibly everyone places smaller items on Shelving... Read More


Protect & Organise – Longspan Shelving

Longspan Shelving sits at the backbone of UK warehousing…a great product at a great price! This shelving is easily erected, looks smart and enhances the look of any work environment. Today’s life is busy and is certainly not slowing down – but at times, we must stop and take a breath to consider what needs to be put in place to enable the future growth of our organisations. Like most of us, do you suffer from not having enough storage space and wish you could do something about it without... Read More


Engineering Stores Shelving

It’s 0200, you’re on nightshift, the production run your responsible for has to be completed by 0900 ready for export the following day…..the shipping container is arriving at 0930….and the production line shuts down…. You call the engineer immediately and after 5 mins it’s established what’s wrong and the parts needed – this is when a well organised Engineering Stores is critical.  With downtime on the production line costing thousands of £’s per hour and the risk of missing critical delivery dates for your key customers, the stakes are high.... Read More


Branding & Custom Sizing

Be Recognised, Remembered and Recommended Having your brand and/or contact details on your Returnable Transit Packaging does a lot more simply assisting in getting your product back.  While it does this well by the easily recognisable statement of `Please Return To… a lot more can be done. Your logo is your image in the big wide world – whether it is in front of your current or potential customers, you will want your brand promoted.  With current options in printing methods, virtually every substrate used in Returnable Transit Packaging can... Read More

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Increase Efficiency and Warehouse Organisation with Exporta Picking Bins

Exporta recently have helped a large clothing ecommerce company increase efficiency and reduce product damage in warehouse storage and picking areas.  They were using cardboard boxes, double or triple stacking and picking from these. The result was the weight crushed the cardboard boxes underneath making picking difficult and sometimes damaging the goods. What’s so good about picking bins? In today’s demanding world of the need of quick and efficient product picking, it is still surprising to find some warehouses still struggling to cope with these conditions. Imagine the downtime in... Read More


Sizing is Critical!

Daniel Paterson discusses the benefits of understanding pallet sizing… We all know what it is like when somebody in our organisation puts a request through and says I need some pallets please –  “can your order some for me?” – we go back and say “what size” – “just the standard ones” of course… Sizing is critical.. -not only to ensure our products are handled securely but also to save cost and ensure we are shipping our goods the most cost effectively. Today, there is a whole range of pallet... Read More


Press Release – Exporta Wins Top eCommerce Award

Exporta, the Product Handling Experts have won an Award at the prestigious National UK eCommerce Awards 2019 for their Business Plus Customer Loyalty Scheme Exporta, the product handing experts, embarked on a new digitalisation project following the arrival of their new Head of eCommerce in July 2018. As a result of the changes and developments, Exporta were shortlisted for 4 categories in the eCommerce Awards for 2019 (www.ecommerceawards.london/finalists-2019/) During the prestigious event on the 25th September at the London Marriott Hotel, Grosvenor Square, along with over 450 other eCommerce professionals,... Read More