Rigid Pallet Boxes

The Rigid Pallet Box sits at the backbone of Industry across the world….the most commonly used word to describe them is that they are just “solid”. Used in all types of industries from waste management right through to shipping of high value goods overseas, these boxes that excel themselves every time – now are available with a lid as an option to ensure all things are secure.

Have you often had that sneaky feeling when you are packing up goods for storage or onwards shipping and doubting yourself as to whether they will end up in one piece? – we all do it! – the rigid pallet box gives complete piece of mind. With its high resistance to impact and one-mould manufacture formation, this box truly keeps our products safe where ever they are in the supply chain…

The question often comes up that “I can’t justify that amount of outlay of cost up front?” –  we must focus on “value” as opposed to “price” – the difference between the word “Price” and “Value” is that value is the cost you incur over the length of time the goods need stored or shipped for and the price is the initial cost up front for purchasing the protective packaging goods – simply, if you keep buying cheap products that don’t last, you will have to keep on paying more and more upfront costs – if you buy quality products that last a lot longer, the higher upfront cost will more than compensate for the longer durability length of the product…meaning the overall cost of the protective packaging goods is a way less – meaning much more VALUE for your money!…

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