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F- Crates


Exporta Global offer the best f- crates on the market. Our high-quality products work perfectly in the workplace. We understand how important quality is, so we only offer strong, durable storage crates. Our f- crates are built to last! The experts at Exporta Global appreciate the good workmanship, so only offer well-made products.

The f-crates at Exporta Global are perfect for storing a wide range of products and are especially popular in the food industry. In addition to this our f- crates come in different styles. Therefore, we will have a storage crate perfect for you. for more information about our f-crates, give a member of our friendly team a call today!

We take pride in our products, especially the quality of them! To show how much we believe in our f-crates, all of our crates come with our testing guarantee. Our experts vigorously test our products before they go on sale to ensure that they reach our quality levels. We only supply the best products to our customers.


F- Crates Industry Use

 Exporta Global’s f- crates would be perfect to use in the workplace. We design our euro crates to be used within the workplace. Warehouses and food industries make the best out of our f-crates, although they are used in other light manufacturing industries.

Our f- crates offer huge volume reduction when they are collapsed. This is perfect if you are short of space or work in a busy warehouse. When the crates are not in use, they can be folded away. Being able to fold away your crates makes them easier to keep safe. A warehouse can be busy and accidents do happen. Save costs and damage by being able to safely store your f- crates away.

Collapsible storage crates are an all-round quality product, as not only do they reduce in volume when collapsed, they also retain the same strength of a regular bale arm crate! Yes, you can have space and strength!

The f-crates at Exporta Global are the standard euro size, meaning that they are compatible with a range of logistic systems. They can fit into pallets and shelving systems. As well as this, their smooth vertical sides mean that you can maximise internal storage capacity. Therefore, all the crates can be stacked together without needing a lid! Give us a call today for more information on any of our crates.


Why F-Crates

 F-crates were originally designed to hold fruit and vegetables once they have been collected from fields and orchards. Nowadays, collapsible storage crates are popular in a number of industries, although they are still used in food manufacturing and farming. Storage crates have become used across a variety of industries, including:

  • Engineering
  • Textiles manufacturers
  • Electronics

All of our plastic crates are made from high quality, durable plastic, meaning that they are great for holding a variety of products. In addition to this, our crates come in a range of sizes that all feature handling holes to make lifting and moving as simple as possible. Give us a call today for more details about our f-crates. A member of our helpful team will be there to answer any questions that you might have about any of our crates! Don’t hesitate, contact us today!


Our F-Crates

 The award-winning f-crate is a class leading collapsible plastic crate. This renowned plastic crate comes with ERGO handles; these handles make it easier and safer to fold and handle. So for simple use, the f-crate is for you. Exporta Global’s f-crate also features a super-fast assembly, as well as a quick flat pack. So reduce your handling time with our wonderful f-crates.

The unique design of the f-crates means that it has the lowest storage needed when flat packed. This can save huge amounts of space- up to 33%! These awesome foldable crates do all of these things while having the largest capacity of any foldable crate in the range! Available with colour markings and labelling, the f-crate is changing the way food is transported. At Exporta Global we go the extra mile, as our folding crates come with a FREE sample! Yes, a free sample! For more information on what we have to offer live chat with us and speak to one of our advisors today.


Choosing Exporta Global’s F-Crates

 F-crates are used throughout the UK, Europe and the USA. They have become industry leaders and popular in a variety of industries. We can guarantee that you will not find any better quality f-crates anywhere else!

The f-crate is the fastest collapsible storage crate to assemble, the quickest to fold down and the safest to handle! The food industry has taken off with the use of the f-crates. Making day to day working life easier, we have you covered! Our f-crates come with ERGO grip handles that are designed for super -fast, safe use. The f-crate has become an industry leading food crate as it is perfect for moving food or other products with ease.


Why You Need an F-Crate


  • Save yourself time with their super-fast assembly
  • Have more efficient staff with their quick folding abilities
  • Save yourself 40% storage space with their slim folding dimensions!
  • Reduce injury with their safe element, being one of the safest crates to handle.


What Can F-Crates Be Used for?

 If you are unsure what our collapsible storage crates can be used for, we can answer that for you. Our experts here at Exporta Global have vast and varied knowledge about storage solutions. Being well versed in all of our plastic storage crates, we can help you find the best storage crate for you! All of the crates that we offer reach industry standards for the following purposes, as well as being widely used in a variety of ways:

  • In supermarkets
  • Logistics- delivery, manufacturing and processing
  • General storage
  • On shop floors
  • Meat and fish factories
  • Fruit and veg processors and pickers

With our guarantee, our storage crates are constructed to last. They can be used to store a variety of food including fish, meat, frozen fruit and veg, grocery equipment and pre-packaged meals.


Branding Your Plastic Crate

 Here at Exporta Global we have a great range of storage crates at your fingertips. We go the extra mile, here at Exporta Global, as we can brand your brand new storage crates with your individual brand mark. Having your logo on everything within your business is vital. The manufacturing process is precise and exact. This ensures that each crate is identical when next to each other. This is perfect for automated systems.

Having your brand on all of your items will boost your brand identity and give you an all over professional look. For more information on this service, give us a call! We would be more than happy to chat you through it!  


Collapsible F-Crates

 F- crates are great if you do not have a huge amount of space. Therefore, our collapsible storage crates are perfect for those who are short on space. If they are not in use they can be easily folded up and stored away. Making storage simple and easy. Most of our foldable storage crates that we offer feature the industry leading ergo-lock. This means that they are super easy and quick to put up and down.

We stock the industries' flattest folding crates, that take up the least amount of room when they are both stacked and folded. These crates are perfect for those in the farming and fruit industry. Their easy to clean function and high quality make them the perfect storage crate for moving farm produce.

 With our foldable crates, you will no longer have to struggle to put them up or down again! As well as this, the handles at the side reduce the risk of injury and make for swift use. For more information, give us a call today!

F-crate features:

  • Outer dimensions (LxWxH) 600mm x 400mm x 219mm
  • Inner dimensions (LxWxH) 576mm x 376mm x 210mm
  • Folded Height 27.7mm
  • Usable interior height in stack
  • Side design Ventilated
  • Base design Ventilated
  • Handles Open
  • Volume: 46L
  • Weight (kg) 1.82
  • Material: PP


Plastic Storage Crates

 The f-crates also fall under the foldable crates category by Exporta Global. Our huge selection of f-crates can be used to store large, heavy products; although they are foldable, they come with huge strength. These heavy duty storage crates all come with our testing guarantee, ensuring that they will last well in any industry. Our plastic crates here at Exporta Global are perfect for storing a wide selection of items, from food to machine parts. They have even been used in the fashion and textiles industry.

At Exporta Global we work hard to ensure that all of our products are made to perfection. We do not cut corners. All of the crates that you see on our website are available straight from our stock. No need to order it in or wait weeks for it to arrive, we can get it to you next day! Our next day delivery service will ensure that you get your items as soon as possible!

If you are not sure whether f-crates are the best choice for you, let one of our experts in storage solutions give you a helping hand. Contact us today for one to one help when choosing your products. We are always willing to chat and love using our live chat section on our website to speak directly with our customers. Therefore, if you have any questions, contact us today.


Finding The Right Crate Dolly

 Here at Exporta Global we give you the full package to ensure that you have everything you need for your warehouse. Our storage crates can be used in the light industrial market in both storage and transport. This is mainly due to its stacking abilities, as it makes it super easy to store while in a warehouse. As well as this, these storage crates can fit neatly into euro and standard size pallets due to its euro footprint. This, again, makes transportation and storage much easier. In addition, the euro crate also works well on conveyor systems as it is compact in a uniform size. We offer different styles of euro crates, all of which meet these standards. Due to the size of our plastic storage crates, they fit perfectly into our euro container dolly. Exporta Global’s euro container dolly is super strong and durable. We can deliver this alongside your f-crates! There is no need to worry, we are also experts when it comes to dollies. We make sure that they are as strong as our stacking containers. For more details about our euro container dolly live chat with a member of our team today.


Next Day Guarantee

 Once you have chosen your crate from our huge selection, it can be with you tomorrow! Yes, you read that right! Here at Exporta Global we can get your items with you next day with our reliable next day delivery service. All of the crates that you see on our website come straight from our stock, meaning they can come straight to any destination you want them to go!

We take pride in our Next Day Delivery service that we offer. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us, and for this reason we have made it our mission to keep our customers happy. Order by 3 pm today and you can get your storage crate the very next day. There is no need to wait a lifetime to store your items. Live chat with us today for more information on our delivery service!