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Nesting Crates

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Nesting Crates

Crates, no matter what variation, have been a vital part of the shipping industry – whether you transport goods by truck, plane or ship you will likely need crates. They are key to the success of any business which ships or transports goods. Without crates the safe and efficient transportation of goods would simply not be possible.

From small to large goods, Exporta have the crate to fit your products. We have a huge variety of crates available on our website – some ventilated, stackable, extra strong and of course our nestable crates. No matter what business you run, we have the crate for you!

Nesting crates are a type of plastic crate which can nest inside one another when they are not in use. This function has been designed in order to save the space they take up in storage or transport. Nesting crates are used a lot in return trip scenarios where the crates are sent out fully loaded and then returned empty. The percentage that they nest is important as this can have a direct effect on shipping costs, that is why nesting crates with the biggest nesting capacity are the most sought after.

Nesting crates from Exporta come in many different varieties. We have nesting crates which are also foldable, have bale arms or are also picker crates. All of Exporta’s nesting crates are made using only the highest quality of raw materials, meaning that you can rest easy knowing you have an end product which is built to last. All of Exporta’s products are quality checked on a regular basis to ensure that they meet up to our high standards of quality.

When Will I Need Nesting Crates?

If your business stores or moves products, then it is likely you would benefit from nesting crates. Nesting crates are especially beneficial for those who wish to maximise their storage and save on transport costs. Firstly, nesting crates are for the storage of goods, but once they are empty they also have the added benefit of being able to nest inside one another. The handles featured on these crates make them easy to grip and move, essential for any businesses who want to streamline their services.

Nesting Crates V Normal Crates

You may be wondering why you would buy nesting crates over some of our other crates. To put it simply – if you wish to save on space during return journeys or in your warehouse then nesting crates are probably the answer for you.

The best thing about our nestable crates is that they also share a lot of similar attributes with some of our other types of crates. Our nestable bale arm crates have the strongest arms on the market – making them ideal for heavier items. Our nestable picker/ V-Crate is super ventilated – they allow the free flow of air through your goods. Our ALCs (attached lid containers) are also nestable and these are some of the most popular on the market – due to their capacity.

Industries Which Use Nesting Crates

Exporta supply high quality nestable crates to a wide variety of businesses in well-known industries. If you are unsure of whether you would benefit from the use of nesting crates, then why not start a live chat on our website? We can talk through your needs with you. Our website is a great source of information on its own – you will find extensive information on our various products across the site.

Our nesting crates are majorly found in the food production industry. This is largely because of their qualities including the ventilation they provide, if using our V-Crate. This means that the air can pass through freely and allow the goods to not build up bacteria. Depending on how full they are they can also be nested on top of each other without the goods below becoming damaged – this is perfect for bakers as they need to have their products stacked without the fresh goods becoming squashed. Those in the farming industry would make good use of the majority of the crates you will see in this section of our website.

Nesting crates can also be seen in light industry or in any industry which largely transports or distributes goods – purely because they save a large amount of space on return trips. If your business transports products but is restricted on the amount of goods they can send out and receive back, then you should consider Exporta’s nestable crates.


Exporta’s Nesting Crates

Exporta have an extensive range of crates available. Within each section of our crates you will find crossovers – meaning that some crates have multiple qualities and functions. If you cannot find the type of crate you are looking for then you are likely to find it on one of our other pages. Within our nesting crates section, you will find the following products:

  • Bale Arm Crate – The bale arm nesting crate from Exporta has the strongest arms on the market, this makes it ideal for the storage of heavier goods. We have seen this type of crate used in many different scenarios – from picking fruit in field to the transportation of frozen fruits. We have also seen it used in retail, from stock rooms right up to point of sale! With the nesting capability you can store heavier items on top of one another without damaging the goods below.


  • Foldable Crate – A folding crate does exactly what it says – it can fold away, or collapse when not in use to become flat for storage or return trips. Unlike other types of crate this model can fold in as little as 2 seconds. Within 2 seconds you can maximise the space you have available. You could save a massive amount on the space you have available in your warehouse or transportation. This crate also features an Ergo-Lock design, this industry leading feature is what makes it so quick to collapse and fold. Now with the added nesting capabilities this is a crate which does it all – the ultimate space saver!


  • Picker Crate / V- Crate - The Picker Crate is one of our most diverse crates on the market. The construction of the V-Crate means that it is fully ventilated. Due to its unique design this crate has a massive 50% nesting ratio and combined with this, it also has stacking capabilities. Due to these factors this crate is perfect for a whole range of applications and it could have a huge downward effect on the costs your business faces in return trips and wasted produce.


  • ALC – These nestable containers are one of our most heavy duty storage solutions, they have an extremely long life span and have integral lids which provide strength and security to these containers. Unlike our other items on this page these containers can be completely sealed up, due to the lid feature. They are manufactured from food grade certified materials – which makes them resistant to acid, alkali, oil, heat and cold which makes them highly versatile. These containers can be nested when empty and stacked when full, what more could you need!



Benefits of Using Nesting Crates

There are endless benefits to using Exporta’s nesting crates including:

  • Space-Efficient – The main benefit of these nesting crates is of course the space they save. By using nesting crates, you can greatly reduce the space required to store or transport empty crates/containers. Ultimately this can save you a great deal as it lets you make more effective use of the storage space you have available for production or transportation.
  • Reusable – Exporta’s nesting crates are completely reusable, making them friendly to the environment as well as your finances! If you use less robust materials, such as wood or cardboard, then you are likely to have to replenish these extremely quickly.
  • Weatherproof – Unlike cardboard boxes or wooden crates, nesting crates from Exporta can be used in all weather conditions and even left out in the rain without becoming damaged.  
  • Easy to Transport – Due to the ergonomic grip holes featured on our crates they can be easily transported or picked up – even when nested on top of one another.
  • Economic – nesting crates can save you money in both the storage and transportation of goods. Due to the nesting capabilities of these crates, they maximise the space you have available and can greatly drive down the costs you face associated with the transportation of goods. Due to being hard wearing and sturdy they will also need replaced far less than cheaper models on the market. These nesting crates are a small investment which will go a long way in maximising the efficiency of your business.  

Why Buy Your Nesting Crates from Exporta?

Here at Exporta Global we consider ourselves to be experts in product handling solutions, once you shop with us we are sure you will agree. In having dealt with multiple products and industries for so many years we know we will have the right products to improve your business. All of our nesting crates are in stock, ready for next day delivery. This is a service we provide all year round, providing you order before 3pm.

If you can’t find what you are looking for on our website, or would like to find out more about the products we offer that would be relevant for your business then get in touch with us today. We have a live chat feature available on our website which may provide you with some answers. Alternatively, you can call us and speak to one of our knowledgeable advisors. Our staff are always happy to provide advice and guidance to our customers on our many product handling solutions.

Other Products Which May Be of Interest to You

Even if you have decided that a nestable crate isn’t appropriate for your business – we are sure there is another type of crate which is more appropriate. Our website is a great source of knowledge on all things crate related. Why not browse through our other crate types and see if something catches your eye.

Perhaps you already have crates but are wondering what other products you could purchase to improve your business. Across our different categories you will find various types of products – from pallet to product movement, shelving/racking to matting. Indeed, we have a whole range of products designed with industry in mind. It is likely that we have multiple products which could improve the efficiency and productivity of your business together.

Visit the other pages on our website, start a live chat or alternatively give us a call to find out about the products relevant to your business. No matter what your budget, we will have even simple solutions to benefit your business. All any business wants to do is be productive, efficient and profitable… Let Exporta increase these elements of your business.