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Plastic Crates

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Plastic Crates

Plastic crates from Exporta come in many shapes and forms and for a variety of applications. We have crates of all shapes and sizes, many fitting the standard Euro footprint size – which makes them ideal for automation. All of Exporta Global’s crates are designed and manufactured to the highest standards and the plastic in our crates are consistently checked on a regular basis to ensure that they are built to last and are flawless.

When Will I Need Plastic Crates?

If your business is involved in the storage or movement of any kind of goods, then plastic crates could be perfect for your business. Plastic crates are first and foremost, for the use of storing goods - these goods can then easily be moved once in the plastic crates. The easy to grip handles which feature on Exporta’s plastic crates make them extremely easy to pick up and move, which is essential for businesses who take their health and safety procedures seriously.

Plastic Crates V Cardboard

Traditionally, a lot of cardboard boxes were used for storing and moving items. The popularity of cardboard boxes is largely down to the economic value of them. Although cardboard boxes are cheaper they have a significantly shorter lifespan than plastic crates. For those needing to move goods one time only, then cardboard boxes could be a better option. For those wishing to get a storage solution which will last the test of time then plastic crates are the best option. Not only do these plastic crates already come assembled, meaning you don’t need to build them and sellotape them like cardboard, they can also be used in all weather conditions. There’s nothing worse than getting caught in the rain with a cardboard box – not only do your goods inside become damaged but quite often they completely fall apart during use. This is a thing of the past with plastic crates, you can leave these crates out in the rain all night and they will not fall apart or lose their form. Choose plastic crates for a storage solution which is built to last!

Industries Which Use Plastic Crates

Exporta Global provide high quality plastic crates to a number of well-known industries. Even if your business or industry is not mentioned on this page, we are sure we have a plastic crate which would be ideal for your business. If you are unsure whether plastic crates are right for you, have a read through our product pages and if you can’t find an answer why not start up a live chat or alternatively give us a call to discuss some of our other products which may be more relevant for your needs. Here are just a few of the industries Exporta Global provide plastic creates for:

The Food Industry

The most common place you will find our plastic crates are in the food industry – mainly in supermarkets or grocery stores. Our plastic crates are mainly used in the food industry for storing and moving fruit and vegetables. The materials used to manufacture our plastic crates include food grade polypropylene – this makes them resistant to oil, acid, alkali, cold and heat. In being so resistant to all these elements, they are ideal for storing and moving various food types!

Light Industry

Due to our plastic crates being so lightweight and easy to move they are ideal for storing small parts in light industry. Light industry can be identified as the production of small consumer goods. Examples of light industries which could make use of plastic crates could be manufacturers of foods & beverages, drugs, cosmetic goods or clothes & shoes. All these industries need plastic crates to store their final goods or manufacturing parts within.

Electrical Industry

We have supplied to many companies within the electrical industry. Electrical companies can use plastic crates to store their spare parts within them to keep them safe and damage free. Within the electrical industry, spare parts can often be expensive – you need a storage solution which will protect them until they are needed, this is where plastic crates come in. Plastic crates from Exporta are extremely hard-wearing and durable, which means that once inside, your products are unlikely to become damaged.

E-Commerce Industry

Plastic crates can be used as an alternative to storage bins and trays. Indeed, we have noticed an increase in the use of plastic crates across the e-commerce sector due to their versatility and durability! If your business is involved with e-commerce it could be worthwhile investing in plastic crates to store your goods in before and during delivery.

Exporta's Plastic Crates

Exporta have such a wide range of plastic crates available, we are sure we have one that perfectly suits the needs of your business. Whether you are looking for a strong plastic crate or lighter option for temporary storage – we are sure we have the plastic crate for you. Here are some of the plastic crates that Exporta offer:

• Bale Arm Crate – Exporta’s bale arm crate has the strongest arms on the market, making in perfect for heavy items! From field or food manufacturer to retail point-of-sale, our Bale Arm Crates are ideal for transporting fresh and frozen fruit, vegetables, prepacked meats and meals, as well as many other grocery products. With the Stack and Nest capability this means you can stack the boxes with produce inside without damaging the produce. Also when the stacking arms are folded away this means you can nest the container saving space in storage and also return systems. These Bale Arm Crates are suitable for use in conveyor systems and also work with our container dolly also.

• Euro Crates - The Euro Crate is very versatile and can be used in a number of applications. This crate was produced originally to serve the date sector, however during the years it has expanded to the cherry-tomato, tomatoes, mushrooms and others. It has proved to be a reliable crate that growers are very fond of. The other sizes serve all types of other big fruits, from citrus fruits to cucumbers and peppers and other vegetables. It can also be used in the light industrial market for storage and transportation because of its stacking capability and also because of its euro footprint it can fit neatly onto Euro and Standard size pallets. This Euro crate product works well on conveyor systems due to its uniform size.

• Picker Crate - The Picker Crate is very versatile and can be used in a number of applications. This plastic crate both stacks and nests. It is ideally used for picking and transportation of soft fruit and vegetables such as raspberries, mushrooms, strawberries, grapes etc. It is also used in the bakery markets due to the ability to nest the crates and not damage the lower level of products but can be used in a wide variety of light industrial applications also. With a unique and innovative design, this plastic crate has a 50% nesting ratio complimented with super ventilation. Because of this capability, this has a huge downward effect on cost and also the environment in return systems which will make you more efficient as a company. This crate is manufactured from HDPE which means it can be washed which is vital especially in the food industry. It can be steam cleaned which is a very thorough way of cleaning plastic products. Being of a euro footprint this is compatible with other euro footprint transportation equipment and can also fit neatly onto Euro and Standard pallets for shipping multiple crates of produce and moving around the factory internally.

• Folding Crate – These plastic crates feature the Industry Leading Ergo-Lock design, making this crate super-quick to put up and collapse. Also, the handles reduce injuries and make for swift use. The industry's FLATEST FOLDING crate, taking up the LEAST amount of room when stacked. Ideal for everyone in the food industry, farming and fruit produce. This crate is the ULTIMATE crate for moving farm produce. Easy clean and robust enough to throw around this is the Ultimate Foldable (Collapsible) crate.

• Poly-Crate - These plastic crates are collapsible, resulting in a reduction of up to 80%. They can save your business on costs for storage and transportation on empties. These plastic crates are extremely robust and economic: they have a high circulation rate and a payload of 250kg. They feature a three-part design with integrated base insert and sliding bolts for drop down gate. These plastic crates have positive fire assessment and are 100% recyclable.

Benefits of Using Plastic Crates

There are endless benefits to using Exporta’s plastic crates including:

• Reusable – plastic crates are fully reusable which makes them practical and environmentally friendly. Due to the materials used they are extremely durable and much stronger than traditional cardboard boxes which tend to only be used once and often fall apart easily. Due to the durability of plastic crates they provide greater protection for your goods during transportation and movement.

• Weatherproof – Unlike cardboard boxes these plastic crates are completely weatherproof. They can be use in all types of weather and even left out in the rain – plastic crates will always maintain their structure and form.

• Easy to Transport – Due to our plastic crates being stackable – even when loaded they can be easily transported in bulk by simply stacking them on top of one another.

• Economic – Plastic crates can save you money in both the storage and transportation of goods. Due to being robust and durable they will need replaced far less often than cheaper methods on the market. They are a small investment which can greatly improve the way you store and move goods in your business. Cheap, cardboard boxes are typically used once and then need replaced for the next use, plastic crates are economical in the long run as they don’t need replaced – which saves you money when considering replacements.

Why Buy Your Plastic Crates from Exporta?

Exporta Global are completely confident in all product handling solutions. As product Handling Solution specialists we know we will have the right product for your business. All of Exporta’s plastic crates are in stock and ready for next day delivery when ordered before 3pm. Our Product Handling Solutions Fast Promise means that you can rest easy knowing that when needed, you can get your products as fast as possible. This is a service we provide all year round for our customers.

If you can’t find the solution to your problem on our plastic crates page, then you may want to have a look through some of our other product categories. Alternatively, you can start a live chat with us on our website to find a solution for you. If you would rather speak to an advisor, then give us a call – our skilled and knowledgeable team are always happy to offer advice and guidance on our product handling solutions.

Other Products Which May Be of Interest to You

Perhaps you have decided that plastic crates aren’t for you – or maybe you are wondering what types of products you could use with Exporta Global’s plastic crates. Our website is a great place to start – across our product categories you will find information on the products we carry and what they can be used with. Although storage is a large part of what we do there are various other types of products we provide; product movement goods, shelving, racking, matting and pallets.

Indeed, our product selection is so large that you could find multiple products which could benefit your business and improve the productivity and efficiency in your workplace. Why not give us a call or start a live chat today to identify the ways Exporta Global can improve the way your business stores and moves products.