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Stacking Crates

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Stacking Crates

Here at Exporta Global, we have the strongest stacking crates available to purchase online. We understand the needs of any industry to find a decent stacking crate and as product handling and storage experts, we offer only the best in storage solutions. We can even send your stacking crates to the required location, all within next day delivery (order time dependent).

These stacking crates are used by a multitude of different businesses, from market leading supermarkets to some of the most efficient shipping companies around. One of the great things about this kind of crate is its versatility; stacking crates fit a number of roles across a variety of industries.

Stacking crates are plastic crates that stack on top of each other. The benefit of a stacking crate is that once it has delivered its products to the intended destination, or simply when it is not in use, it can be stacked into a tower to take up less room while in storage. This makes storage easier and allows for less money to be spent on overall storage area. They can be combined with a crate dolly to be moved around on wheels in an easy and safe fashion, or they can be stacked on pallets.

Stacking crates also make for great static storage, as every stacking crate comes with easy to use handles that allow a worker to safely lift and move the static stacking crate from location to location. Stacking crates are a completely flexible storage solution and should be considered when looking for light storage products. Stacking crates can be found in wide use across a variety of locations: in the home, in light industry, for inventory storage in business, and for small part storage.

Types of Stacking Crates

Stacking crates come in many different shapes and types of application. There are plastic stacking crates, euro stacking crates, bale arm stacking crates, and many more. At Exporta Global, we have a stacking crate for every use.

Eurocrate Stacking Crates

Crates have, over time, come in all shapes and sizes. This has made things difficult for the shipping industry; a variety of non-uniform, non-standard crates means it is impossible to design universal systems or solutions. As a result, a universal European standard for crates has been created – the Eurocrate, also known as a euro container.

Eurocrates come in two standard footprint sizes - 400x300mm and 600x400mm. By having standard sizes, the shipping industry can design universal solutions that can be utilised across a range of applications.

Many Eurocrates are also stacking crates, something a universal footprint size lends itself well to. By combining a universal footprint size with stacking abilities, a stacking crate of increased flexibility is created.

Bale Arm Crates

Exporta Global’s own bale arm crates – known as the A-Crate – are a class leading example of vented crates. They are also sometimes known as the Maxinest. They have the strongest stacking arm on the market, making them an incredibly versatile stacking crate. The stacking arm is strengthened with injected fibreglass, allowing users to lift far more weight with confidence in the knowledge that the stacking arm won’t break.

The bale arm stacking crate comes in a variety of sizes, from the 20L bale arm stacking crates to the gargantuan 37.7L, a true legend in the field of stacking crates. These crates are made of reliable and robust food-grade plastic, allowing them to withstand the tough treatment and conditions they are more than likely to undergo. When you buy a stacking crate, you want to be sure in the knowledge that it will last the duration. These crates are equally applicable to storage, transport, and food, making them all-purpose and a veritable all-rounder, filling any role asked of them.

Industries That Use Stacking Crates

Exporta Global provide high quality stacking crates to a variety of different industries. Even if the industry in which you work is not mentioned on this page, we are certain our stacking crates can be used within your field. Their versatility and quality of production will make them ideal for your business. If you are still unsure whether stacking crates are the right option for you, take a look across our range of products. Should all else fail, open up a live chat with one of our customer advisors; they have the experience to answer any question and are always happy to help.

Below are just a few of the industries in which an Exporta Global-supplied stacking crate may be able to help:

The Electrical Industry

We have supplied many a stacking crate to companies operating within the electrical industry. Electrical companies can use plastic stacking crates to store their spare parts, keeping them safe and out of harm’s way. This is important as within the electrical industry, spare parts can be expensive and difficult to keep undamaged. Businesses need a storage solution to keep them safe until they are required for use in a product – this is where stacking crates, particularly bale arm stacking crates, come into play. Plastic stacking crates from Exporta Global are extremely tough and durable, meaning that once a spare part has been stored inside it, it is unlikely to become damaged.

Stacking Crates in Light Industry

Due to our plastic stacking crates being so lightweight and easy to move, they are ideal for storing small parts that are in use through light industry. Light industry is identified as the industry around the production and transportation of small consumer goods. Examples of light industries that can make use of stacking crates could be manufacturers of food & drink, clothing, and pharmaceuticals. All of these industries can use stacking crates to store and transport their products safely.

The Food Industry

One of the most common places to find Export Global’s stacking crates is within the food industry, all the way from production to retail. No matter whether on a farm or in a supermarket, there’s a good chance you’ll see one of our plastic stacking crates doing their job. Our stacking crates are mostly used within the food industry to store and move fruit and vegetables. The main material used in the production of the plastic stacking crates is food grade polypropylene (a form of plastic), making these stacking crates resistant to oil, alkali, acid, heat, cold, and cracking from repeated expansion and contraction. As a result of being so resistant to all these different factors, they are ideal for moving and storing various foods.

Ecommerce Businesses

Stacking crates have seen a rise in their use in businesses relating to ecommerce, often as an alternative to storage bins and trays. Indeed, here at Exporta Global we have seen a rise in the use of stacking crates in such businesses due to their durability, resilience, and versatility. If your business is heavily involved in ecommerce, it could be worthwhile investing in some stacking crates to store your goods in before and during delivery.

Benefits Of Using Stacking Crates

The benefits of using Exporta Global’s stacking crates are endless, but include the following:

  • The stacking crates are reusable. Stacking crates are fully reusable. This makes them environmentally friendly and practical. Due to the materials used, often polypropylene, they are extremely durable and far stronger than traditional cardboard boxes, which tend to be used once before falling apart. The resilience and strength of the plastic stacking crates give increased protection to your valuable goods.
  • Easy To Transport. The very nature of stacking crates means that they can be stacked when not in use – or in the case of stacking bale arm crates, even when they are. This means they can be transported easily and while taking up far less space, saving the number of trips required to transport all your crates and ultimately saving money on logistics.
  • Highly weatherproof. Plastic stacking crates are far more weatherproof than their cardboard counterparts. They can be used in all kinds of weather, from extreme cold to high heat, and even left out in the rain. No matter the conditions, plastic stacking crates will always maintain their structure and form.
  • Economically viable. Stacking crates can save you money in both the storage and transportation of your goods and products. Thanks to being robust and durable, they will need replaced far less frequently than other options available on the storage marketplace. They are a small investment that can provide a large return while also improving the day to day running of your business and the working environment of your employees by making the transportation and storage of goods easier. Cheap cardboard boxes typically only get used once before needing replaced.



Why Buy Stacking Crates From Exporta?

At Exporta Global, we are confident in all forms of product handling and storage solutions. As product handling and storage specialists, we know we will have the right product for your situation or business. All of Exporta’s plastic stacking crates are in stock and ready for next day delivery, depending on the time the order is placed. As long as it’s before 3pm, we will have your stacking crates with you the following day. Our product handling solutions' fast promise means that you can rest easy knowing that when you need stacking crates, they will be on hand the very next day. This is a service we provide all year for our customers, both old and new.

If the solutions to your packing or storage problem can’t be found within our stacking crates section, you may wish to look across our other product categories. Alternatively, you can start a live chat with one of our experienced customer service advisors who will assist in finding you the correct storage solution. If you would rather speak direct to an advisor, we are happy to field calls and answer any questions that way.

Other Products Which May Be of Interest to You

Perhaps you have decided that plastic crates aren’t for you – or maybe you are wondering what types of products you could use with Exporta Global’s plastic crates. Our website is a great place to start – across our product categories you will find information on the products we carry and what they can be used with. Although storage is a large part of what we do there are various other types of products we provide: product movement goodsshelvingracking, matting and pallets.

Indeed, our product selection is so large that you could find multiple products which could benefit your business and improve the productivity and efficiency in your workplace. If you want to buy crates, why not give us a call or start a live chat today to identify the ways Exporta Global can improve the way your business stores and moves products.