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Customised Product

Do you need to customise one of our products to suit your needs? Do you want to pick a custom colour or add your brand? Then we can help, our team of experts are on hand to help you with your bespoke project, get in touch today and let us guide you through the process.

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Our custom services


Bespoke sizes

Sometimes you need an exact size, one that may not be available as standard in our range. In this case we can help. Pallets especially can be manufactured to bespoke sizes, however we can also provide this service for crates, containers and many of our other products. This service does come with minimum order quantities, to find out if we can help with your project, get in touch!



Adding your logo to one of our products can improve brand awareness and reduce lost crates or pallets. We can add your logo as a vinyl, with paint or even have it embossed on the product. If your looking to add your brand to our workwear range, we can add your logo using embroidery or a heat seal. We can also simply add ID colour blocks to our range of products to help improve picking efficiency. Get a quote today!


Custom colours

Similar to branding, custom colours can help reduce lost items and improve picking efficiency. Minimum order quantities are usually required when purchasing an item in a custom colour. This service can be applied to the majority of our range, let us know how we can help you today!



Do you need to know where your pallets are when they're out in the network? An RFID Tag system could be the perfect solution! Barcode labels are attached to every pallet, we can supply the software needed to make the pallets trackable and traceable which can be operated using a mobile phone! Don't lose any more pallets!

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Popular products in this industry

These products are regularly used in this industry, we have years of experience providing these ranges and our team of experts are on hand to guide you through what’s available. 
Our products can be delivered next day to anywhere in the uk.

Euro Containers

Euro containers are a versatile storage box, sometimes called a Eurobox or Euro bins. They are used for storage and product movement including goods-in, through manufacturing and storage, right through to dispatch at the far end. Euro Stacking Containers are uniform in dimensions meaning they are ideal for automated manufacturing systems or product handling. Whether you’re looking for euro stacking containers, euro containers with lids, euro picking bins or even accessories for your euro storage boxes, here at Exporta, we have the best industrial storage containers to improve the usability of your workspace

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Exporta provides your business with efficient product handling solutions that eliminate any logistical issues that may arise when trying to move your items securely and safely. Plastic and wooden pallets are a flat tool which is used to transport, store and rack goods for your business. They help ease the handling of products for a range of industries and are the ideal storage solution for warehouses. Here at Exporta, we have a range of pallets ranging from pallet boxes which act as a way of transporting the goods on your pallet, to unique, customised products.

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Pallet Collars

Pallet collars are used to protect your products while in a pallet, they provide easier transport of the pallet and can allow more products to be stored on pallets. Pallet collars can ensure that your warehouse is kept clean and orderly. The flexibility of the pallet collars means that they can be used with different types of pallets, including classic pallets and pallets with sides. This diversity makes pallet collars extremely popular. If you’re looking for plastic pallets, here at Exporta Global, we are experts when it comes to plastic pallets, and are proud to stock the largest range of new plastic pallets for sale in the UK. You’ll find distribution pallets, display pallets, food-grade hygiene pallets and more!  Speak to an expert now! Call 0800 294 4394.

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Pallet Boxes

At Exporta, we produce a great selection of pallet boxes to be used on their own or with moveable pallets. Plastic pallet boxes allow for the easy movement and shipping of goods, allowing you to securely transfer products to where they need to be. We stock a range of plastic pallet boxes in various designs to suit your business needs. Rigid pallet boxes and ventilated pallet boxes are ideal for the food and pharmaceutical industries as they have a greater storage capacity and can be stacked safely. The sturdy collapsible pallet boxes can be folded when empty to save on storage space. Our Collapsible Cardboard Crates are versatile in their design and can be used by many different businesses in a variety of industries.

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If you have a product in mind or require professional advice, book a meeting with one of our experts