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Blue Euro Containers

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Blue Euro Containers

What is a Blue Euro Container?

If you aren’t sure exactly what a euro container is, don’t worry we have got that covered. A euro container is a versatile plastic box, stacking container, sometimes called Euro Boxes, for storage and product movement. From goods to manufacturing, storage to transportation, these euro stacking containers, or stackable euro containers, are versatile boxes made of plastic that can also come with lids. Euro Containers are uniform in dimensions meaning they are ideal for automated manufacturing systems or for product handling. The addition of euro container lids means they can be secured and covered. Euro containers also stack on top of each other making them easy to store and transport. Additionally, the introduction of handles either end makes for efficient transit or manual handling.

Euro containers are used worldwide, have standard sizes and are useful in a variety of situations. These plastic boxes are made from recycled plastic and are sturdy and hard wearing. A variety of colours of euro containers is available for large orders. The plastic used in our euro containers is acid and alkaline resistant. They are light, durable and are compatible with euro stacking containers worldwide. They are efficient transport and storage solutions which will make any work or industrial environment a more productive setting.

Buy Euro Containers from Exporta Global

Our range of blue euro containers are some of the most popular products amongst our customers and clients. They are a product in demand for a number of reasons and continue to be a favourite of our buyers. They are stylish containers and are used in a vast number of industries around the world and can be an efficient handling solution which many of our traders regularly purchase. For some of you these Blue Euro Containers just beat the grey ones hands down. However, they are both technically identical except for the colour. That means these blue euro containers have the same claim as the sturdiest on the market and the same sturdiness as our grey euro containers. That makes them equally as ideal for use in automation or anywhere you need a euro footprint.

These Blue Euro Containers also benefit from their cross-stacking capability meaning a stronger stack of containers when you're shipping them around. All of our Blue Euro Containers are available with handles or grips. These Blue Euro Containers make for excellent strong storage boxes and come highly recommended from all of our customers and clients. Have a look below at why the blue euro container is amongst our most popular products. When it comes to blue euro containers, we know that our customers want a product that doesn’t look out of place either at home, work or in an industrial environment. They are perfect for any storage or transport job and are used around the world by thousands of different companies operating in a variety of different sectors. Why not get your hands on a few and join so many before in reaping the benefits of euro containers? Store household items, store gardening equipment, use them as loft storage, whatever you need them for, they are efficient storage solutions for the everyday home.

What is the Purpose of Plastic Euro Containers?

Euro containers are the perfect choice for logistics no matter the environment or industry. Whether in a factory or warehouse, they are suitable for almost any application and operations. Whether you need euro stacking containers to store items or to transport them, the products above are an ideal solution, being resistant to a broad range of working temperatures, they are perfect for almost any job. They are manufactured from high density recycled plastic polypropylene and are made from only the highest quality materials. Euro containers are similar to the storage boxes which we offer at Exporta Global, however, they offer an added sense of security.

Our range of blue euro containers come in a variety of sizes and configurations and all have solid sides and bases. These euro stacking boxes are greatly suitable for the storage or transportation of chemicals, oils or greasy products, as well as food. The amount of industries which blue euro containers can be used in is unlimited and simply depends on what you need the product for. If you are finding it difficult pinpointing a product which you think would be best suited to what you need, ask us for our assistance and tell us what job you have in mind and we will recommend you a suitable product to suit your requirements. In a work environment use them to store documents, equipment or anything that you need them for. In an industrial setting, they are commonly used to transport goods from point A to point B.

They are regularly used as modes of transporting goods around the world and are always reliable meaning that your goods arrive at their destination in the same condition as they left. They can be utilised in almost any aspect of life and are versatile to any job which you may need them for. Stackable boxes are useful for many applications and commonly used in the catering industry for food and drinks, engineering trade for large equipment and in bars and restaurants for stock which is easily accessible should you need it.

Why Choose Exporta Global?

Here at Exporta Global, we are proud to offer our customers a great range of euro containers. Our blue selection of euro containers are a great choice for both manual and automatic handling, allowing for palletised storage and transportation. They've got reinforced side ribs which add to their strength, even when they are stacked. The amount of weight which they can handle is substantial, however, it varies depending on what items you wish to store. If you wish to buy euro containers from Exporta Global, you can be confident that your purchase is one which will keep you satisfied. The different configurations mean that you have a choice in your purchase, however all of our containers can fit almost any item inside as long as it fits into the container. This means that no matter the job, a blue euro container could be the perfect handling solution for you and can be used in almost any task that you need to store or transport goods. The versatility of our range of blue euro containers means that our customers are able to identify what product they need to perfectly fit the job that they need it for. The variation in sizes, depths and measurements mean that the containers can comfortably fit any item which needs to be stored or transported. This saves any issues in trying to fit an item into a box which cannot accommodate any stock of a significant size and weight.

What are the Benefits of Blue Euro Containers?

The benefits of blue euro containers are one of the main reasons why so many people become interested in purchasing them and are the reason behind their success in storing and transporting stock in the world of business. In comparison to other storage solutions currently available in the market, euro containers offer certain features which no other products can lay claim to. Purchasing euro containers is a wise decision which many businesses are taking as they continue to grow in popularity. Not only are they perfectly suited for certain types of businesses, they are popular outwith those industries, meaning that they are multi-purposeful and useful in a variety of environments and settings. The benefits of blue euro containers include:

• Compact – The blue euro containers on offer from Exporta Global are compact and stable when loaded meaning that they can hold almost any item without any issues. Once the stock is inside, they are easy to manoeuvre thanks to the tough, sturdy nature of the containers. This makes them an ideal handling solution for almost any situation.

• Easy to Manoeuvre – All of our products are easy to move and lift. They can be manoeuvred easily by both man as well as machine. The blue euro containers which we offer are compatible with almost all modern machinery meaning that they can be picked up with ease and are stable once elevated. Vertical sides provide maximum usable volume and the smooth flat bases offer silent movement on conveyors. The handles or handgrips mean that they are easy to lift and serve as effective manual handling for any workers who have to deal with the containers on a regular basis.

• Strength – The materials which are used in all of our products are only highest in quality making them some of the most reliable and durable handling solutions around. The recycled plastics which are used allow the boxes to be easily moved around thanks to their lightness. They are sturdy enough to support goods once they are placed inside. The reinforced corners increase the safety and structural integrity when used in transporting heavy loads meaning that they are as sturdy as any other handling product that we offer.