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ESD Euro Containers

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ESD Euro Containers

These ESD Euro Containers in black are perfect for using in a number of industries. At Exporta, we sell Euro containers in a number of colours including blue and grey, however, these black ESD Euro containers appear to be a popular choice with our customers. At Exporta our ESD Euro Containers are made from a strong material that helps get rid of Electro-static discharge, which makes our containers one of the sturdiest options in the industry. These are primarily used in the electronic industry. We've seen them in MOD service, storage and for transport. The ESD euro containers come in a size that fits the Euro Footprint and means they can easily be used in automation.

What Is ESD?

Electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the release of static electricity when two objects come into contact. For ESD to occur there needs to be a build-up of an electrostatic charge. This usually happens when two different materials rub together – this is why many businesses prefer ESD Euro Containers. The heat from the ESD can be extremely dangerous as it is extremely hot. Many of those who come in contact with ESD feel it when they get a shock. Even worse ESD event can damage a device, which can be extremely costly for a business that transports electronic goods. The damage is referred to as a “latent defect”, which is hard to detect and significantly shortens the life of the device. You will find that a number of electronic devices are susceptible to low voltage ESD events. This is why a number of businesses have changed to ESD Euro containers in recent years. If you are the manufacturer of an electronic device, make sure you incorporate measures to prevent ESD events.ESD Euro containers are one way to tackle this, however, you should be incorporating this throughout the manufacturing, testing, shipping, and handling processes. For example, employees should use ESD Euro containers when working with devices as they will be protected from any shocks which may come from the equipment.

Euro Containers

There are a number of ways your business can benefit from bulk buying euro containers. This versatile plastic box is used to transport a number of goods. This stacking container is called a Euro Box and is used mainly for storage and product movement. The main benefit of choosing these euro stacking containers (stackable euro containers) is that they can come with lids. At Exporta we also sell euro container lids which can replace any missing lids which may have been lost during their time in storage. We know the importance of having Euro Containers in equal sizes, that is why we supply euro containers that are uniform in dimensions, meaning they are ideal for automated manufacturing systems. A number of companies use this type of box for product handling, due to its shape and size.

Euro Containers UK

Euro containers UK also stack on top of each other making them easy to store and transport. Additionally, the introduction of handles either end makes for efficient transit or manual handling. Euro containers are used worldwide, have standard sizes and are useful in a variety of situations. These plastic boxes are made from recycled plastic and are sturdy and hard wearing. A variety of colours of euro containers is available for large orders. The plastic used in our euro containers is acid and alkaline resistant. They are light, durable and are compatible with euro stacking containers worldwide. Make sure that when you are purchasing your ESD Containers that you also purchase Exporta's Euro Container Dollies that are designed to make it easy to move products around your warehouse or production facility.

The Benefits of Using Euro Containers

Euro containers have been improving business functionality for a number of years and they come with excellent testimonials from global brands. Have you spotted euro containers at your local supermarket or shopping centre? Businesses across the UK and Europe are now using euro containers as they are known to be the best type of boxes for storage. Companies are not only choosing to use euro containers for electronic goods, they are also beneficial for companies who require boxes for storage. In our view, moving to Euro Containers for food storage and transport is an excellent move by these companies. With our plastic containers, we know that they are extremely robust boxes and take a lot of bashing around. Exporta Global’s black, grey and blue Euro Containers are the strongest on the market we believe. By adding vented containers to the range we’ll be catering for exactly this type of problem, highlighted above, and will add a number of products to our food range. This will give food producers and transporters a huge range of products to choose from, ensuring that we will have a product for them that suits their exact need. When you couple this with our F-Crate, Bail Arm Crate and Picker Crate products we believe this places us at the forefront of the food container market and enhances further our Euro Container range.

ESD Euro Containers Now Available

At last, Exporta now offers ESD euro containers, this box can be found in this category and comes highly recommended by the Exporta team. ESD Euro boxes are extremely popular with companies that come from the electronics industries. These ESD euro containers are built to the same exacting footprint of our industry leading lattice bottomed euro containers (the strongest euro containers on the market). If your business is looking for a euro container that offers additional safety for electronic devices, then you should definitely invest in this form of container. The ESD Euro container has all of the benefits of a normal euro storage container, however, it also alleviates electrostatic discharge safeguarding easily harmed fragile electronic devices inside your storage boxes. To speak to anyone about our new Euro storage boxes, or indeed about any of your plastic box needs then please call us on 0800 294 4 394 or chat online. Our experts in storage will be happy to chat you through these lidded, ESD or open euro containers to help you get the plastic box that suits your exact needs.

How Versatile are Exporta Global's Euro Containers?

Every little helps and when it comes to bulk buying euro pallets, Exporta deliver on quality and price. Our versatile euro containers may not look incredibly impressive, but our team at Exporta have been working for years perfecting our product handling materials. Inside and out our euro containers not only look clean and professional, they are also extremely strong – the most important factor when it comes to purchasing euro containers. Another factor which should not be underestimated is that euro containers can stack and cross stack. Many businesses purposely purchase our euro containers as you can load them up on box shifters, pallets etc. They will also improve the productivity of your business. When your employees are shifting pallets worth of euro containers, they will find the cross stacking ability of these Euro Containers extremely useful. A selection of our euro containers come with a groove in the bottom that fits perfectly into the top of the one below it, meaning the solidity of the stack is actually enhanced by cross stacking these boxes.

What is an ESD Euro Container?

If you have not come across an Electro Static Discharge Euro Container, then it is about time that your business looked into improving its product handling system. There is always room for improvement when it comes to the operational side of any business and the ESD Euro Container can help your business improve the day to day functionality of your company. This is not just any ordinary container, as it is made to euro specifications for automation purposes that are perfect for storing and distributing electrical components. At Exporta, we like to call the ESD the “component killer”. Integrated circuits can suffer permanent damage; therefore, your business should be taking every measure to prevent the build-up of static. Our ESD Euro containers are extremely useful when storing or moving products as they work by minimising the surface resistance and the volume resistivity of any materials. Normally the materials used are of conductive plastic that spreads and creates a "Faraday cage" around the products. We won't go into the physics here. But needless to say, we're looking at bringing on ESD Euro Containers with great haste.

Order Euro Stacking Containers

Good news! Our ESD Euro containers are available for next-day delivery! Make sure you get in touch with a member of our team via live chat if you have any questions about our products. The Exporta team are the best people to talk to about product handling solutions and have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to Euro containers and industrial storage boxes. Make the most of our fast, reliable service. Our speedy delivery service makes us the best euro containers UK supplier. Order online today before 12 pm and receive next day delivery!