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Euro Container Dolly

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Euro Container Dolly

What is a Euro Container Dolly?

When it comes to versatile and durable storage, nothing compares to the euro container, also known as Euro Boxes. Whether for long term storage or for transportation; from manufacturing to delivery, the euro container is the reigning champion of the storage container world. What it lacks, however, is an inbuilt, trusty, safe, and easily manageable way to be moved. This is where the euro container dolly comes in.

When it comes to the transportation of euro containers, no piece of equipment is as appropriate as the euro container dolly. The term ‘dolly’ can refer to a large number of transportation items. Basically, a dolly is a platform on wheels. Usually, the platform has two axles and four wheels in total, one on each corner. THE moving dolly has been used for decades for transportation needs – both big and small. If you’ve watched an old movie that featured a railroad, then you’ve probably seen a wheel dolly being used with one or two people pumping a rocker in order to propel themselves. As you can imagine, dollies come in all shapes and sizes. If you run a delivery company, or any form of business where you need to transport heavy items, then it’s unlikely you’re going to be using dollies big enough to go on rail-tracks, but a 4 -wheel dolly is still a worthwhile investment.

The main advantage of a moving dolly is that they make immovable objects moveable. If you have a heavy item that you need to transport, then all you need to do is lift the object onto your heavy duty dolly, and suddenly it is mobile! This is great if you need to move large and heavy items. If you run a moving company, then a 4-wheel dolly will make your employees’ jobs a whole lot easier.

When Will I Need a Euro Container Dolly

Euro containers are fantastic for the safe storage of products, but they lack a means of mobilisation. How do you move a euro container full of electronics from one place to another? This is the job of the euro container dolly. By putting a euro container onto a euro container dolly, you suddenly make the immobile mobile. ANY businesses which utilises Euro containers currently, or are thinking of purchasing some for the storage of goods should also consider a dolly cart. Once full, containers can become extremely heavy and it then becomes unsafe for employees to carry them or attempt to move them far. If this is the case for your workplace, then you should invest in an Exporta 4-wheel dolly.

A heavy duty dolly can alleviate the pressure from your employees and streamline tasks allowing them to be carried out quickly and efficiently. If you want to streamline tasks and improve the efficiency in your workplace, then purchase a Euro container dolly.

Exporta's Euro Container Dolly Products

Exporta have two different 4-wheel dollies for you to consider – both catering for different budgets.

Euro Container Dolly – 600mm x 400mm

This is a super strong, durable moving dolly. When looking to stack Euro containers this is top of the range for sturdiness. This 4-wheel dolly fits 600mm x 400mm and 400mm x 300mm ranges of Euro stacking containers. This Euro container dolly is ideal for moving products between locations between your premises or warehouses. This heavy duty dolly can also be hooked together from a train for movement of larger amounts of Euro containers. The tech specs for this Euro container dolly are:

• 400KG load bearing capacity – World class leading

• Price - £59.95

• Product code – 02-ECD64

• Outer dimensions: (LxW) 600mm x 400 mm

10 x Euro Container 400mm x 300mm x 230mm PLUS Dolly

Within this package you can purchase 10 highly durable heavy duty Euro containers that have a 20L capacity each PLUS a 400KG load capacity wheeled dolly for transporting goods around your warehouse. This is a deal you don’t want to miss out on – two high quality, durable products which can provide a product movement solution for your business. These products are suitable for a huge selection of uses including product storage and product transport. The specifications for these products are:

• Outer dimensions – (LxWxH) 400mm x 300mm x 230mm

• Inner dimensions – (LxWxH) 354mm x 255mm x 216mm

• Product Code – 02-ECED644322

• Price - £122.57

• Side Design - Closed

• Base Design - Closed

• Handles - Closed

• Volume - 20L

• Weight - 1.2KG

• Material – Virgin PP

• Colour – Grey (Other colours available *minimum order quantities apply)

The Benefits of Using a Wheel Dolly

You may already be aware of the benefits of using our Euro containers but unaware of the many benefits you gain from using a 4-wheel dolly with these. In simply using containers without a Euro container dolly you are at a disadvantage. Here are a few of the benefits of using a wheel dolly:

• Easy to Clean – If you are in the food and drink industry a 4-wheel dolly could be particularly useful for your business. Due to the hygienic smooth walls of a Euro container, they are easily cleaned down and disinfected. A moving dolly from Exporta is made from food grade polypropylene – therefor it is resistant to oil, acid and alkali. They are also resistant to cold and heat meaning they can store food and allow it to keep an appropriate temperature by allowing food to not get too hot or cold.

• Easy Handling – The ergonomic grip holes or shell handles featured in an Exporta container means that they can be easily loaded and unloaded from a 4-wheel dolly.

• Durable – due to the strong materials our dollies are made of they are extremely hard wearing and tough. If you purchase a moving dolly from Exporta you know you are getting a well manufactured product that you can trust.

• Compliant – All Exporta’s dollies can be linked together to form a heavy duty dolly train. They are also fully Euro container compliant – if you buy both products from Exporta they can form an effective product handling solution for your business.

Why Buy a Euro Container Dolly From Exporta?

Since Exporta started a large part of what we do has been Euro containers – now that we provide additional items for your Euro-containers including a lid for them as well as a heavy duty dolly you can have a complete solution to your storage needs. As product handling solution specialists we have vast knowledge across all of our product categories. If you are unsure of whether a Euro container dolly is right for your business, then have a look at some of our other product movement items. If you cannot find what you are looking for then why not start a live chat with us through our website – alternatively you can call us to speak to one of our knowledgeable advisors on what could improve the efficiency of your business.

All of Exporta’s products are made of high quality materials which make them strong and durable. If you want hard wearing products with a long life span, then come to Exporta. Our products come with a six-month guarantee for your peace of mind. If you need your products in a hurry, then we have you covered. Across our website you will find next day delivery on our products if you order before 3pm – no need to panic, we can get your products to you in a hurry if you are in a last minute jam!

Other Products of Interest to You

If you are seeking a product movement solution but feel that a dolly cart is not the right option - then we have other product movement items which could benefit your business. If, as a business, you mainly utilise pallets then a Euro container dolly is not right for you – luckily Exporta have the solution.

If you utilise pallets, then you will know that they are immovable once loaded – this is where a pallet truck comes in handy. These items can help maintain the health and safety in your workplace by allowing loaded pallets to be moved quickly and safely. These trucks are most effective in a warehouse environment – as there is a large amount of space available for movement. Exporta have a range of different pallet trucks which can hold a tremendous amount of weight – up to 2500KG. All of these product movement items come with a six-month warranty in case it is not what you expected.