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Eurocrate 600mm x 400mm x 100mm - 18L- GREEN


SKU: 02-EC6410G

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A shorter green eurocrate of 600x400x100mm Dimensions. Can be ussed for a miltitude of functions, including holding light industrial products, righ tthrough to fish.

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  • Description


    A shorter green eurocrate of 600x400x150mm Dimensions. Can be used for a multitude of functions, including holding light industrial products, right through to fish.

    Eurocrate – 600mm x 400mm x 150mm - 28L. The Euro Crate is very versatile and can be used in a number of applications. This crate was produced originally to serve the date sector, however during the years it has expanded to the cherry-tomato, tomatoes, mushrooms and others and has proved to be a reliable crate that growers are very fond of. The other sizes serve all types of other big fruits, from citrus fruits to cucumbers and peppers and other vegetables. It can also be used in the light industrial market for storage and transportation because of its stacking capability and also because of its euro footprint it can fit neatly onto Euro and Standard size pallets. This Eurocrate product works well on conveyor systems due to its uniform size.

    • Fully Stackable
    • Outer dimensions (LxWxH) 600mm x 400mm x 150mm
    • Inner dimensions (LxWxH) 563mm x 365mm x 138mm
    • Side design Smooth, Ventilated
    • Base design Smooth, Ventilated
    • Handles Open
    • Volume: 28L
    • Weight: 0.98kg
    • Material: PP
    • Note: New Design: handles with radius; base design smooth
    • Colour: Green or Blue, range of other colours. MOQ's apply
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