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Originally posted in the Huffington Post - See this link

Everyone's watching out on April Fool's Day.

  • How many people yelled into this door?
  • Making people choose their food fate.
Now that's just wrong.
  • It's not a new Krispy Kreme flavor.
Yeah, it's healthier, but who cares! now you're depressed.
  • Swapping someone's beloved food for food less beloved.
You're evil!
  • Roll down the window, throw some glass on the ground, and you have the scene of the prank.
Prank level: Shattering.
  • Microwaved soap looks A LOT like delicious crusty flaky bread.
Too much.
  • Putting hole punched paper into someone's car vents and turning the fan to max.
You'll soon be driving a snow globe.
Simple. But around lunch time? Highly affective.
  • Switching out family photos with less flattering ones.
  • Mustard-filled chocolate bunny.
You let this cute adorable bunny do your dirty work? You make us sick. ... Seriously, this will make us physically ill.
  • Pops on the underside of a toilet seat.
Disowned, and deservingly so.
  • Post-its on the inside AND outside.
The lesson here is don't leave your car unlocked.
  • Personalized post-it prank.
  • Why are people so adamant about ruining donuts for everyone?!
Is nothing sacred??
  • Makeshift fish tank in the desk drawer.
Well, there are worse animals to have waiting for you in your desk.

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