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Cosmetic industry

We can support Cosmetic companies from good on the manufacturing side to product handling solutions for import and export of cosmetic products. Our team can help find the right product for your requirements. 

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Exporta provides the perfect solution for manufacturers and distributors for the efficient storage and hygienic movement of cosmetics and personal care products.


From the factory floor to the warehouse and on to their final destination, well-known brands such as Lush, Montagne Jeunesse and Bomb Cosmetics rely on Exporta products.


The manufacture of cosmetics can be a complex process with many ingredients from different suppliers required to make just one product line. Exporta Container trucks make it easy to organise and move ingredients around the factory, whilst rigid pallet boxes with lids will store and protect valuable ingredients that are not immediately required. Stackable, with the option of castors for easy movement, these boxes can be used internally and for shipping goods.


Cosmetic sector customers also use Exporta’s ventilated and picker crates on their production lines.


Health and safety is an important consideration for cosmetic businesses, in view of the many powders, liquids and compounds used in production. Here, Exporta provides a wide range of quality assured PPE such as respirator masks; face coverings; eye protection and gloves, as well as ergonomically designed workstations; lifting; loading and moving products such as scissor lifts; dollys and pallet trucks.


It’s no secret that great looking product packaging is essential to the commercial success of a cosmetic product and for this reason, cosmetic businesses need to ensure that, whatever the mode of transport, their products arrive in pristine condition, ready for sale. High standards are therefore demanded at every point in the logistics chain.


Exporta provide a range of pallets, crates and containers to protect cosmetics in transit. These are suited to export as well as last-mile shipment. Some of our strong durable containers such as Polycrates can be fitted with tamper evident seals, of particular benefit to cosmetic businesses shipping high value items such a perfumes.


Our pallets, containers and crates are 100% recyclable, and customers can opt for products made from virgin or recycled plastic.


Polycrates and Euro Pallets won’t bend, warp or crack in extreme temperatures, important in

the beauty industry where temperature extremes can spoil a product. We also stock thermal items such as liners and gel packs


Exporta dunnage bags, which can be inflated quickly with our fast flow air inflators, offer added protection against impact shocks.

From the factory loading bay to the consumer, Exporta helps cosmetics business move it, store it and secure it.

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