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At Exporta we are specialist suppliers to a number of industries with a focus on product handling and load securing for inhouse, dispatch and export. We are partnered with many UK companies who take advantage of our fast delivery and knowledgeable staff to make their business more competitive, compliant and efficient. We understand the specific products commonly used in each industry and we use this knowledge to help your business move it, store it and secure it.



Our experts have supported everything from growers to hospitality companies, providing solutions for the storage and movement of food and supplies, providing the most efficient and hygienic solutions.



We can support Cosmetic companies from good on the manufacturing side to product handling solutions for import and export of cosmetic products. Our team can help find the right product for your requirements.



We have worked with several businesses across the Automotive industry. Plastic Pallets, Euro Containers and more from our range can support your business needs, and with our team’s experience in working with the Automotive industry we can supply the right solutions for you.



We have supplied a wide range of Pharmaceutical companies. Our years of experience within this field mean we know the best solutions to help Pharmaceutical businesses be move efficient, compliant, and competitive.



 Our team know how our range of Plastic Pallets, Picking Bins, Shelving and more can help support Textile businesses. From production to storage, our range of products can help. The team have experience in finding bespoke solutions that suit every requirement.



From manufacturing Electronics to storing or exporting different components. Our product range covers all areas of the Electronics industry. We’ve supplied a range of different businesses in this field, so have the experience to help you get the right solution to fit your needs.



With a wide range of ways our products support the Engineering industry, it doesn’t matter if you’re a factory operation or require help with product handling or logistics. Our team can support all areas of the Engineering industry and have years of experience doing this.


Alcohol & Soft Drinks

As with the Food industry, we can support production, distilleries, storage and exporting. Pallets, Load Securing, Racking and more can help with all areas of the Drinks industry and we are here to find the most efficient and cost-effective solutions.



Our product range fits in with the needs of Rubber production and manufacturing sites. We have supplied various Rubber related businesses over the years, and can supply bespoke solutions to suit your needs. Our aim to provide products that will help your systems stay compliant, efficient and cost-effective.

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