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5 Reasons you should be using Plastic Pallets.
Here, Roger Mitchell, Business Development Manager at Exporta Global, reveals his top 5 reasons why you should be using plastic pallets over wooden pallets for tranpsorting your goods.
“I’m often asked by potential customers why they should use plastic pallets over wooden ones. Well here are my top 5 reasons."
1. Plastic Pallets Save You Money
Because Plastic Pallets are lightweight, they save you money on any goods you send via airfrieght
2. They are exempt from Export Regulations
Normally you are required to comply with ISPM15 Regulations when exporting between countries. Plastic Pallets are exempt!
3. Plastic Pallets Keep your goods protected from moisture
Ship goods that could be damaged by moisture? Plastic pallets are the answer as they are impervious to moisture.
4. Plastic Pallets are safer to handle
No splinters, sharp edges or nails and no loose components to break off.
5. Plastic Pallets are Super Hygenic
Plastic Pallets can be used in hygiene sensitive areas such as food prep and clean rooms where wooden pallets can't conform.
"So there you have it. Just five of the many reasons to use Plastic Pallets. If you want to discuss your need for Plastic Pallets over Wooden pallets then feel free to give me a call on 01592 650900 or visit our Plastic Pallets web page."

Roger Mitchell
Business Development Manager