Load Securing Equipment

If your job involves frequently moving goods from A to B, then it’s important that any heavy items are moved securely and safely. One of the most efficient methods of transporting weighty items is to use high-quality load securing equipment. We have a range of load securing products that can help you do just that. Dunnage Airbags are ideal for placing between pallets and products to stabilise loads, then to maximise security, we recommend using ratchet straps to keep items in place. Be safe, be secure with our Exporta Load Securing product range.

If you move goods from A to B then the loads need to be moved securely and safely. We have a range of products that can help you do just that. Dunnage Air bags to go between pallets and products to stabilise loads and ratchet straps to hold them in place. Be safe, be secure with our Exporta Load Securing product range.

Ratchet Straps


When it comes to Ratchet Straps, we at Exporta Global have everything covered. From dozens of product types to answering your questions about best uses, we know everything there is to know about Ratchet Straps. Exporta have been specialists in the handling industry for over 4 decades and continue to grow and satisfy customers around Europe. Our aim is to provide you with the highest quality product types while making sure the service you receive is the best in the business. If it’s a question about the product or a bulk order you need to place, we’ve got you covered and are here to help.


Dunnage Bags

Dunnage Bags, sometimes called Dunnage Airbags or simply Dunnage Air Bags, are bags made of strong materials that slip between products in a ship's hold to secure them in transit. These dunnage bags are filled with air from a compressor and set in place between products and pallets to fill the void between them. Filling this void with Dunnage Bags stops the product moving and potentially getting damaged in transit.

Dunnage air bags come in a variety of sizes and can be small or up to 2 metres in height. These dunnage bags have incredible flexibility and can be placed inside a container, in a pallet box, or around products or other objects. They provide excellent product protection and padding, preventing your goods from taking damage in transit. Best of all, they can be reused. Simply deflate at the end of the transit and re-inflate as and when you need product protection.


It is these outstanding qualities that make dunnage bags the perfect solution to product protection for ship transits, either short or long haul.