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Dunnage Air Bag Inflators


Dunnage bag inflators are essential in maximising the efficiency of your dunnage bag. This is because dunnage bags cannot work effectively without the use of dunnage air bag inflator. Here at Exporta, we supply a range of dunnage bag accessories, all of which are extremely high quality and built to last. Offering optimum inflation performance, you can get the best value out of your dunnage airbag. Our inflators are available in a number of flows and designs, from floor standing air hose reels and inflator adaptors to dunnage air bag compressors and dunnage bag inflators. Find strong and resilient dunnage air bags and other load securing equipment, here at Exporta.  

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Dunnage Air Bag Accessories


Dunnage bags – also known as dunnage airbags, air cushions or inflatable bags, are bags which are made of robust materials that fit in between goods during shipment; in order to keep them secure in transit. Despite being extremely robust these products create a cushion-like protection for the goods they are placed with. It has long been an issue keeping goods secured during shipment – with the help of dunnage bags this is a problem of the past!

Although our dunnage bags are fabulous and unbeatable they cannot function without their accessories – one cannot exist without the other. By combining our dunnage bags with an air compressor or dunnage bag inflator you are creating a quick and efficient solution when it comes to protecting your goods during transit or shipment.

In this section of our website you will find everything; from the dunnage bags we supply, to our air compressor, dunnage bag inflator and air hose reel. You will also see useful information as to where it all began for dunnage bags and how they have evolved over time into common industry.


Exporta - Dunnage Bag Suppliers  


Dunnage bags were introduced in the early 1970s in order to provide a simple and cost-efficient way to stabilise cargo during transit. Eventually they were not just for use in ship containers, they we’re also used in trains and road trucks. Not only are unsecured goods in cargo a safety issue – you are also at risk of breaking items during transit if they are unsecured. This was and still is the main function of dunnage bags. There are a huge number of accidents in transport due to unsecured cargo – up to 25%. That means that a quarter of the accidents involving trucks could be avoided with a secured cargo – by using dunnage bags.

Exporta’s dunnage bags come in a range of sizes and can be quite small or can even go up to 2m in height. It is this versatility that has made them so popular with our customers. The versatility of these products means that whilst they could be used inside containers to protect goods during shipment they can also be use in something as small as a pallet with a pallet collar surrounding it. In using a dunnage bag in your pallet you are adding another dimension of protection to the goods inside. This is especially effective in smaller, more delicate items.

One of the best features of our dunnage bags is that they are completely reusable – they simply need deflated after use and can be inflated when next ready for use. At Exporta we always aim to provide our customers with products that they can use over and over again – making your money go further.  

Dunnage Bags – Then and Now

Back in the late 20th Century dunnage bags may have been used largely for the shipment of goods by sea, this has evolved over time. They were initially introduced to sea transport due to rough seas, hard conditions and the unskilled manoeuvring of ships through difficult conditions would mean that the goods being transported would easily become damaged resulting in a loss of profit for the shipping company. This is where the dunnage bag would come in - they would be slipped in between goods to create a type of cushioning. After the success of this the dunnage bag evolved into other areas. Slowly the dunnage bag made it into all kinds of transport – land, air and sea. By this point it was the most cost effective and reliable way to keep your goods safe during shipment to their final destination.

Nowadays dunnage bags are often used in combination with pallet collars in order to create a higher level of protection for the goods inside a pallet. Two case studies Exporta have been involved in include one for a pump company and one precision engineering firm. What we have done for these companies is create a wall around their product, with a pallet collar – we have then managed to fill the space gaps within the crate with dunnage air bags.

In doing so we managed to keep their products safe and secure which has significantly decreased the likelihood of any breakages occurring during the transit of the products. The feedback we have gained from these clients has been superb.

Types of Dunnage Bags for Sale

Here at Exporta we have a large number of dunnage bags for sale. The different types of dunnage bags Exporta supply include polypropylene, woven and fast flow. Polypropylene dunnage bags are laminated on the inside which gives an added element of protection when considering punctures – as one disadvantage of dunnage bags is that they are susceptible to punctures from sharp items. Woven dunnage bags are highly durable and can be used in all weather conditions. Woven dunnage bags are effective for the use of heavy items as they are by far the most durable of all the dunnage bags for sale. Exporta’s fast flow dunnage bags are highly effective as they inflate and deflate quickly, saving you time. They are also extremely hard-wearing; we have tested this theory by placing a Nissan Navarra on top of one of these airbags to test their strength!

Dunnage Bag Accessories

Even with the effectiveness of our dunnage bags they undoubtedly couldn’t perform their best without the accessories we also supply to work hand in hand with them. A dunnage bag, first and foremost, only does it’s job if it is inflated! This is why it is essential you equip yourself with a dunnage bag inflator or air compressor. We have multiple products which can inflate/deflate your airbags in the best time possible. Have a look through our airbag accessories to see which products are right for you. We have a range of items at different prices as we try to accommodate clients with all budgets.

Exporta’s Dunnage Airbag Accessories

Being one of the top dunnage bags suppliers in the UK we also provide a number of accessories which are essential in maximising the efficiency of your dunnage bags. As previously stated, a dunnage bag cannot do its job without the help of a dunnage bag inflator or air compressor. Some of the accessories we supply are designed to be used along to inflate your dunnage bag or alternatively there are others that require a couple of items in order to inflate – this is where price comes in to play. It should be noted that some of the products here have been designed specially to work with our Fast Flow Dunnage Bag! Here are some of the airbag accessories we supply:

Dunnage Bag Inflator

Exporta Global have a couple of different options if you are looking for a dunnage bag inflator. One of which is an inflation gun which attaches to an air hose/compressor in order to effectively inflate dunnage bags with a standard valve. The other dunnage bag inflator Exporta have available is our Fast Flow Dunnage Bag Inflator. This super quick inflator can be used directly with Fast Flow Dunnage Air Bags, without the need to have any additional adaptors. This is the quickest way to inflate the new Fast Flow Dunnage Air Bags! The price for a standard dunnage bag inflator gun from Exporta is £6.50 and the price for our Fast Flow inflator is £69.95.


Inflator Adaptor

This dunnage bag inflator adapter should be used to inflate our new Fast Flow Dunnage Bag if you have your own compressor but don’t have a Fast Flow Compressor. You should note that we recommend you use Fast Flow compressors with our Fast Flow dunnage bags for optimum inflation performance. The price of our dunnage bag inflator adaptor is £19.95.


Floor Standing Air Hose Reel

The floor standing air hose rail from Exporta is 20 metres of durable, braided PVC. Our air hose reel is fitted with snap fit couplings and is floor mounted on a tough tubular frame. The air hose reel from Exporta has a max pressure of 217psi (15 bar) and is made of strong, durable plastic meaning they are built for life. The price of Exporta’s air hose reel is £55.00.


Dunnage Bag Air Compressor

Exporta’s dunnage big air compressor is a high output, direct drive air compressor. It is highly suitable for the inflation of dunnage bags. Our air compressor is fully automatic with an on/off control and are all wheel mounted. Due to the fact that these air compressors are wheel mounted they are extremely easy to move about, meaning you can fill your dunnage bags virtually anywhere with the help of our air compressor! This dunnage bag air compressor is fitted with a safety value and pressure regulator with a gauge for controlled air pressure. Our air compressor is £195.00.


Why Buy Your Dunnage Airbag Accessories from Exporta?

Exporta are experts in product handling and have a solution for almost any business who stores or transports goods. We have been in business for a long time and know the trades we serve well, this is why you will always get honest and useful advice from Exporta. If you buy any for our dunnage bag accessories, you know you are getting a high quality product that will last for a long time – sometimes even a lifetime! We consistently quality check all of our products in order to make sure they are of the highest quality – this is why we have so many loyal customers.

Exporta Global offer all the products on our website for next day delivery when ordered before 3pm – this is a service we provide all year round – another reason our customers rate us as No.1. If you need to know more about our products, including dunnage bags and their various accessories then have a look through our website, you will find extensive information on the products we carry. Alternatively, we have a live chat feature available on our website – feel free to ask us any questions! Our knowledgeable staff are always happy to answer any questions you may have over the phone as well. Choose Exporta to make your business more efficient and productive.

Other Product Which May Interest You

Even if dunnage bags or their matching accessories aren’t appropriate for your business it is likely we will have a product handling solution for your business. As well as the many dunnage bags for sale on our website we also have everything from pallets to storage solutions or shelving to matting. It is likely that we will have multiple products which when combined, could make a massive difference to the productivity of your business. Here at Exporta we are much more than just dunnage bag suppliers, we are a jack of all trades and are skilled in what we do. We understand our customers and the various trades they come from – this is what sets Exporta apart from our competitors.