For many businesses, matting is an essential part of the workplace. Matting can make a huge overall difference to productivity in the workplace and are particularly effective in areas where people spend a lot of time standing.  There are a wide variety of different types of matting, some which will be more relevant for your type of business. Exporta have a range of different types of matting including; anti-fatigue mats, non-slip mats, entrance mats, duckboard mats and oil-resistant mats. All of the matting you see on this section of our website is available for next day delivery on our Product Handling Solutions Fast Service.

The Benefits of Using Matting

There are many overall benefits of using matting. Some types of matting have more benefits than others, which may make them more beneficial to your business than others.

  • Reduces Accidents – This is true of all Exporta’s types of matting. Anti-fatigue mats prevent tiredness, leading to less accidents. A non-slip mat does exactly what it describes; it should prevent employees from slipping, even if liquid has been poured directly onto it. An entrance mat lowers the amount of rainwater and dirt entering your workplace, meaning there is a lower chance of someone slipping or falling at the entrance to your workplace. 
  • Saves Money – Matting can provide a softer surface than the floor, meaning that breakages are less likely to happen. Anti-fatigue mats can also improve productivity, allowing employees to complete more tasks in less time, saving you money as a business owner. Entrance mats can also save you money as they remove dirt and water and trap them, meaning less dirt will enter your workplace that you have to spend money removing.
  • Improves Productivity – This is especially the case in anti-fatigue mats as their main purpose is to provide comfort to those who spend long periods standing in the same position. They therefore drive productivity in avoiding fatigue. It can also be said that anti-slip mats or oil-resistant mats can also increase productivity as staff will spend less time cleaning up any spillages so as to avoid an accident. Any spillages can be left until the end of the shift for a final clean up.


Anti - Fatigue Matting

When employees are required to stand for long periods of time on hard surfaces it can cause them fatigue due to the discomfort they experience. This can lead to reduced concentration and productivity but more importantly it could lead to accidents which could be otherwise avoided. This is easily solved with anti-fatigue matting.  The longer to stand still your joints tense up and often become locked. There is also a tendency to move weight from one side to the other every so often, this increases the release of muscular energy and therefore leads to tiredness.

Anti-fatigue matting is excellent at increasing productivity. It is made of softer material which reduces impact and the tiredness in limbs. Anti-fatigue mats are so much more than just a comfortable surface to stand on, anti-fatigue mats help to encourage regular foot movements, leading to reduced stress on the soles of your feet. The cushioning surface on anti-fatigue mats also helps to keep feet warm and undisturbed as it protects against cold, hard floors and moisture.


Anti – Slip Matting

Both employers and employees in a workplace will want to avoid accidents, especially preventable ones. It is necessary for employers to take necessary precautions to avoid any accidents in the workplace. One of the most common types of accidents which happen in the workplace is slipping. Anti-slip mats are a simple and cost effective way to avoid an extremely common accident. Exporta’s anti-slip mats go a long way in preventing workplace accidents as they provide more underfoot grip in areas which are in contact with water, liquids and various types of oil.

A non-slip mat of sufficient quality should protect employees against accidents even if there is liquid spilt on the non-slip mat. This is due to the fact that the anti-slip mat will have holes in it which allows the liquid to pass the top level of the matting.

An anti-slip mat can be used in a whole range of different businesses – one which typically uses this type of matting is restaurants and bars. This is because they are susceptible to spillages on a daily basis, especially in kitchens or behind bars. It is wise to place an anti-slip mat anywhere that you are likely to find a spillage – somewhere water is kept, drinks are poured or where there is a sink. 

Entrance Mats

The majority of the dirt in your workplace is brought in by people’s shoes from outside. As much as 70% of the dirt in your workplace is likely to have come from this source. It may have not struck you as important but an entrance mat can provide a barrier between outside dirt and your workplace. They are also helpful in catching water that may come in from outside – lowering the risk of any slippages which could occur in the main entrance to your workplace.

Entrance mats can also provide your business with a professional overall image. It looks better to have entrance mats for visitors to dry their feet on before they come into your business. Exporta’s entrance mats have a tiger-like tenacity for soaking up water and dirt. This matting is hard wearing and proves effective in keeping the rest of your work entrance clean.

Duckboard Matting

Duckboard matting is most associated with swimming pools or changing areas. It is non porous and allows any liquid to pass through the surface area and redirects it to an appropriate drainage site. Duckboard matting is an extremely flexible type of matting. It is exceptionally ‘grippy’ and is impervious to most spillages. This versatile type of matting can be used in a variety of situations and is an excellent choice for a multipurpose matting solution. The material used makes it a softer surface to fall on should any accidents occur but duckboard matting should reduce the risk of slips and falls greatly; this is why it is so widely used in public areas including swimming pools, campsites, toilets and changing rooms.

Oil Resistant Matting

Oil – resistant flooring is useful where there is a risk of oil ingress. Oil-resistant mats are made with a coating on them which makes them resistant to oily substances. This is particularly useful for areas which you deem to be susceptible to oil spillages. This type of matting could be particularly useful in an engineering business or workshop area. Oil – resistant mats are used where there is a risk of spillages and slippages from either ingress or on shiny surfaces.

Health & Safety – Risk Avoidance

The health and safety of employees and customers should be paramount for any business owner. Although matting is a good place to start and is efficient in protecting the health and safety of some workplaces it should be noted that it is perhaps not the only measure you should be taking in protecting your workplace. Depending on the industry you are in and the type of business you operate there could be many other products which could be of benefit to you. Exporta have a huge range of products available across a vast number of categories. These products are designed with you in mind and aim to simplify your workplace and improve efficiency as well as health and safety. Whilst you are considering matting and the benefits it would provide you, have a browse through our other product categories and see if there are any other products which you could utilise. Many of our products go hand in hand with each other so chances are there are complimenting items which could benefit your business.




As product movement specialists we understand the different components necessary to make your workplace more efficient and effective. With this in mind we have products which improve productivity whilst improving workplace safety. Exporta above all else are a company which combines expertise with honest advice. Our company mission is to not only provide our customers with products they need in a hurry, we also want to be on hand to answer any questions they may have or offer our advice on a solution that works for them. If you are looking to buy matting, then we have a huge range of matting available across a number of categories. Therefore, if you can’t decide which type of matting is appropriate for your business give one of our advisors a call and they can talk you through the various matting specifications and help you decide which would be best for your business. Exporta offer next day delivery across all of our matting if you order before 3pm. Our delivery is extremely reliable if you need your matting in a hurry.