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Anti-slip Matting

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Anti-Slip Matting

One of the biggest safety hazards in any workplace is that of a slipping hazard. If your business has any type of liquid on the premises, then there is a risk of employees slipping. The results of this can be catastrophic, not only where employees are injured but you as an employer could also be liable for this. This is where anti-slip matting comes in, it helps to prevent people from slipping where there is a risk of them doing so.

Most businesses will have some form of liquid in the workplace, whether this is water from a hose/tap or oil from machinery, it is extremely common for liquids to be involved in the day to day running of a business. Slip resistant flooring can provide you with peace of mind and your employees with a safe working environment.

Anti-slip matting is one of the most effective ways to reduce slipping accidents in the workplace. Not only this but it is one of the most cost-effective ways to improve workplace safety. The material these slip resistant mats are made from gives them extra grip and allows them to repel water. They make it easy for liquid to pass through them whilst making it difficult for anyone to slip on the surface.

What is Anti – Slip Matting

Anti-slip matting is exactly what it sounds like, it is a variation of matting which has been specifically designed to avoid unnecessary workplace accidents in the form of slipping. Anti-slip matting is manufactured using materials which provide a sturdy surface for shoes to easily grip to. Rubber is a key component in this as its main function is to provide grip, duckboard is another common type of anti-slip matting, you will have seen this commonly used in places like swimming pools.

Anti-Slip Matting in the Workplace

Given that slips and falls are the number one cause of injury in the workplace it is easy to see why anti-slip flooring would be a great addition to any business. Figures published by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) show that these types of injury cost the UK economy £500 million annually. As an employer you run the risk of facing hefty lawsuits filed by injured and disgruntled employees. It is for this very reason that you would be wise to invest in non-slip matting for your workplace, to protect both you and your employees.

There can be many industries or types of business who would benefit from the implementation of anti-slip matting. On top of this there may be specific areas that would benefit from anti-slip flooring, these may include:

  • Entrance Areas – Many businesses feature smooth entrance areas. These may look good for a business but they pose a big risk for employees or customers entering the premises, especially if it is wet outside. Anti-slip matting at an entrance area can be a great way to reduce the risk of people slipping on the way into the business.
  • Food Processing Areas – This is where anti-slip matting is commonly found as food processing is a messy job and one which is likely to attract unwanted spills on the floor, especially from oil and other substances. There is a greater risk of employee injury in these areas and slip resistant mats are the easiest way to avoid injury.
  • Walkways – Outdoor walkways in your business are likely to be slippy due to rain, snow and other elements. For this reason, it is often a good idea to put down anti-slip flooring to ensure that when your employees are outside of the business they are less likely to slip and fall.
  • Swimming Pools – This is one of the most common places to find anti-slip matting in a public forum. It is essential to have anti-slip flooring put down in changing room or shower areas due to the large number of people passing through and the high volume of water that is likely to be on the floor.

Anti-slip Matting from Exporta

Exporta Global understand the importance of safety in the workplace and we understand that not every business is the same and has the same needs. It is for this reason that we provide a couple of options when it comes to anti-slip flooring. If you are unsure of what would be right for your business, then why not chat to one of our advisors. We are here to help with any questions you may have and can provide some guidance. Our two anti-slip matting options are Safety Scrape Matting and Interflex Duckboard Matting; you can read about these below.

Safety Scrape Matting

Safety Scrape Matting from Exporta is ideal for heavy industrial or catering applications. It is a 100% nitrile rubber mat which provides superb anti-slip traction, even in wet or oily areas. This type of matting is ideal for swarf removal in workshop entrances and is easy to clean, simply requiring a hose to clean it off. If you require to remove heavy dirt, then mould scrapers can easily achieve this. This anti-slip matting comes in a variety of sizes.

Interflex Duckboard Matting

This duckboard matting is perfect for medium duty wet, dry or oily commercial or industrial environments. These are traditional grid welded PVC duckboard matting which are resistant to oil, grease and chemicals. The surfaces are anti-slip and the open grid design allows excellent drainage. This anti-slip matting is available in four colours; red, green, blue and black. They also come in a variety of sizes. It is possible for this type of anti-slip flooring to cover large areas as they can be linked together.

The Benefits of Using Anti-Slip Matting

The safety anti-slip flooring provides for employers and employees alike are what makes it such a popular choice amongst our customers. This could be the product for you because:

  • They Reduce Accidents in the Workplace – Anti-slip matting prevent employee injury as they provide excellent drainage which helps to avoid slip hazards. The surface of these slip resistant mats ensures employee safety at all time.
  • Improves Health and Safety – Given that slips and falls are the most common type of injury in the workplace it would be a major mistake to not have an anti-slip mat in place. They are the most cost-effective way to improve the health and safety in the workplace.
  • It Is Versatile –Slip resistant mats can be used in wet, dry or oily environments making them hugely versatile. Our Interflex Duckboard Matting can also be cut to size and interconnected to cover large areas.


Other Types of Matting from Exporta

Here at Exporta Global we don’t believe in a ‘one-size fits all’ attitude. We understand the vast differences in our customers and the industries they operate in. It is for this reason that we have a whole range of matting options for our customers to choose from. Therefore, if anti-slip flooring isn’t the best option for your business, you will find many other types of matting which may be relevant for you:

  • Anti-Fatigue Matting – Excellent for improving productivity and reducing fatigue amongst employees over long periods of standing time.
  • Oil-Resistant Matting – Excellent in repelling oil substances and reducing workplace accidents in oil environments.
  • Duckboard Matting – Typically used as a method to avoid slip hazards the same as anti-slip matting.
  • Entrance Matting – A stylish and functional addition to any business, avoid accidents and brighten up the entrance to any type of business.

Health and safety should be an important factor for every business and matting is a fantastic way to improve the health and safety in your business. Here at Exporta Global all our matting is designed with health and safety in mind and is manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure a superior end product.

Get in touch today to find out how matting from Exporta Global could improve your workplace.

Why Buy Anti-Slip Matting from Exporta

As a consumer and a business owner, you will be aware of the importance of quality when selling and purchasing. At Exporta Global you can be assured that what you are purchasing is of the highest quality. We design our anti-slip matting and flooring with our customers and longevity in mind. Our products are all built to last and every product is rigorously tested to ensure this. When you purchase anti-slip matting from Exporta you know you are making a solid investment to improve the safety in your workplace.

Our main aim is to ensure that our products live up to our customers’ expectations and our high quality standards, it is for this reason that we quality test all of our products. After 40 years in the product handling field we are the market leaders. Our success is greatly down to our customers and this is why we listen to and work closely with all of our customers, to ensure that we are constantly improving. When it comes to our customers we strive to provide them with honest advice when asked.

Not only are our anti-slip matting products of superior quality but they are also competitively priced, making them a winner with our customers. If you are wondering if anti-slip matting is right for your business or the other products which may benefit you then get in touch with us today. You can fill out an enquiry form on our website, start a live chat or give us a call to speak to our knowledgeable and helpful staff.

The Market Leaders in Product Movement

Having been in business for over 40 years we have become the market leader in the product handling field. Our extensive knowledge of our products and the industries they are best served in is what has set us apart from our competitors. Not only can we provide your business with high quality anti-slip matting but we could provide many more products suitable for your business. We have over 1,000 products across our website so no matter what your business does, we will have solutions that could improve the productivity and efficiency of your business.

We listen to our customers closely and provide honest advice as opposed to hard sales tactics, this is what makes us a firm favourite with our customers. If you require more information about our anti-slip flooring, are wondering what the best slip resistant mats for your business would be or whether they are the right option for your business then why not chat with us today, we could give you some suggestions on the best products for your business.