Pallet Collars & Boxes

Pallet Collars are used to protect your products while in a pallet, provide easier transport of the pallet and can allow more products to be stored on pallets. They can ensure that your warehouse is kept clean and orderly. The flexibility of the pallet collars means that they can be used with different types of pallets, including classic pallets. This diversity makes pallet collars extremely popular.

We produce a great selection of pallet boxes to be used on their own or with movable pallets. Plastic Pallet Boxes allow for the easy movement and shipping of goods, allowing you to securely transfer products to where they need to be. We stock a range of plastic pallet boxes in various designs to suit your business needs.

Wooden Pallet Collars

Wooden pallet collars are an alternative to plastic pallet collars and are a popular choice when it comes to packaging solutions, as they are a modern and efficient solution to storage and transporting goods. Items that are compact, bulky or fragile can often be problematic when it comes to storing them or moving them.


Wooden Collar Flexi-Crates

Pallet Collar kits make choosing the right crate for you easy. These kits, which come with lids, collars and a base pallet, provide the ultimate 360 degree product protection! Choose between 1 collar high up to 5 collars high, and if you need to add more height, simply add more collars!

Pallet Collar Dividers

Do you need to segment your items in transit? Pallet Collar Dividers are ideal for keeping components separate and secure. We have a wide range of configurations and options available, check out the range now!

Collar Accessories

There are multiple extras you can add to your pallet collars to enhance and customise them to suit your needs. Stacking corners, pallet distancers, dividers, document pockets, locking clips and lids are all available. If your not sure how these accessories can help you, get in touch and our product specialists will be more than happy to help!

Plastic Pallet Collars

Plastic Pallet Collars are the ideal solution for reducing packaging weight while maintaining strength. Plastic Pallet Collars are easy to wash and clean. Plastic Pallet Collars are also suitable for outside storage and are widely used in industries like food and pharmaceuticals as they prevent product ingress.

Plastic Collar Flexi-Crate

Plastic Collar Flexi-Crates make ordering simple and easy, these crates come complete with a base pallet, collars and a lid! These crates are a ready made solution to your shipping damage problems! Check out the full range below! 

Rigid Pallet Boxes

Rigid pallet boxes, or Dolav boxes, are sturdy and perfectly designed to store build materials. The Exporta rigid pallet boxes are made from HDPE plastic and can hold up to 750kg even on a rack, proving their sturdiness and reliability. Lids are available for our rigid pallet boxes to make them completely closed and keep contents clean and protected, ideal for the food industry and pharmaceuticals.


Collapsible Pallet Boxes

The brilliantly-designed collapsible pallet boxes from Exporta promise the sturdiness of a normal plastic pallet box but with the added flexibility of collapsible sides. The folding plastic pallet box design allows the sides to drop down to ensure easy access to the contents within. The collapsible pallet boxes are suitable for many different industries that transfer or ship products that need to be unloaded quickly, such as retail or food industries.



Our foldable Polycrates or pallet boxes guarantee and economic and safe transportation as well as space saving storage and return transport.They can be folded and placed in the container for the return and storage of empty boxes. The lids and pallets are then stacked separately. The main features are: Maximum volume reduction, Easy Handling, moisture protection, weatherproof, durable with a long service life.