Pallet Box Lid

Pallet Box Lid

A pallet box lid is a heavy duty plastic lid that sits on top of a pallet box and completes the 360-degree protection that these boxes provide. These pallet box lids can be attached with strapping and also have the option of tamper evidence seals and locks. This added protection feature means that your products can remain completely sealed and protected. These pallet boxes with lids are extremely strong and durable, the lids fit on top of our pallet boxes with precision.

Pallet Boxes

A pallet box is an item used to both store goods - within workplaces and also in transit. Chances are you have probably seen these items at some point and perhaps hadn’t realised they were pallet boxes. They are large in size and extremely hard wearing containers which include pallet footing – hence why they are called pallet boxes as opposed to regular containers. These boxes can be used in a number of applications, which is why they are popular amongst a large section of industries.

The main way a pallet box is manoeuvred is with the help of a forklift. They also have the added feature of runners along the bottom of them which allows them to be used in pallet racking systems. Although all types of pallet box are different it should be noted that the majority of pallet boxes are able to be stacked up in boxes of six.

Exporta’s pallet boxes let air in and out of the products inside through ventilation, this is a feature you should be investing in. It means that food items can be stored and kept fresh for as long as possible. Ultimately this saves you money over time due to less wastage occurring.  

Companies that Might Use Pallet Boxes with Lids

Almost any company who stores or transports goods could benefit from using pallet boxes and using plastic pallet boxes with lids really completes any effective product handling solution. Whilst pallet boxes provide a degree of protection for your goods, adding a lid really completes this by making everything covered and secured. By using tamper seals and locks you are guaranteed a high level of security.

Exporta’s Plastic Pallet Boxes with Lids

Plastic pallet boxes with lids are an important part of any storage strategy. Exporta only use heavy duty plastic when manufacturing our pallet boxes with lids, this ensures they are durable and last for as long as possible. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us at Exporta, that is why we take the utmost care when manufacturing our products and only use the highest quality of materials. All of our pallet boxes with lids are quality checked continuously to ensure that our quality standard is maintained.

Our pallet box lids can be attached with strapping and have optional tamper seals and locks. All of our pallet boxes with lids are in stock and available for next day delivery. The various products Exporta offer in this product category are:

Pallet Box Lid

Our basic pallet box lid comes in two sizes - 1200mm x 800mm or 1200mm x 1000mm. It is extremely sturdy, durable and allows pallet box stacking with ease. It is used to close rigid collapsible boxes in a clean and secure way. It is made of HDPE material which is known for its durability. This pallet box lid fits both collapsible and rigid pallet box types. These pallet box lids start at the price of £29.10.

Poly-Crate Large Collapsible Crate

Our poly-crate collapsible crate comes in two sizes also – 1230mm x 830mm x 945mm or 1230mm x 830mm x 945mm. The fact that these pallet boxes with lids are completely collapsible means that you could save as much as 80% on costs for storage and transportation on your empty crates. These pallet boxes with lids are both robust and economic. They have a high circulation rate and a payload of 250kg. They feature a three-part design with integrated base insert and sliding bolts for drop down gate. Not only this but this pallet box with lid is 100% recyclable meaning that once they have reached the end of their long life they can be disposed of in an ethical manor. Collapsible pallet boxes are one of the most popular on the market. This is due to the fact that they can save heaps on return journeys and in warehouses when empty. The price for this item starts at £167.86.

Collapsible Pallet Box with Lid

Exporta’s collapsible pallet box with lid comes in two sizes: 1200mm x 1000mm x 800mm or 1200mm x 800mm x 1000mm. These pallet boxes with lids are also fully collapsible. They have fold down sides and drop down gates on all 4 sides. These pallet boxes with lids are great for transporting food, pharmaceuticals and for when you need access without bending over the box. These plastic pallet boxes with lids have a massive 500kg racking capacity and are made of highly durable HDPE. 

The Benefits of Using a Pallet Box with a Lid

You may already know of the benefits of utilising a pallet box to store the items in your workspace but if you are not currently using pallet box lids then you are missing out on the complete package. In using pallet box lids you are essentially completing your product handling solution! Here are some of the benefits:

  • Protection – Using pallet boxes gives you a certain level of protection. If you wish to give your products the ultimate protection, then this is simply not enough. Due to the tops of your box being exposed it is left open to outside threats. In using a pallet box lid You are completely sealing the products off. This means that they are less likely to become damaged – whether they are just in storage or in transport. The tamper seals and locks are a great additional feature to make use of also as they give an increased level of protection to your pallet boxes.
  • Stacking Capabilities – The best part about these pallet boxes with lids is they are stackable. They can also be used on pallet racking which means you can organise your pallet boxes effectively.
  • Space Saving - Due to the stacking capability of these plastic pallet boxes with lids they can save you a significant amount of space in your workplace. Once the boxes have been loaded they can be placed on top of each other – usually as high as 6 boxes. This allows you to utilise the space you have available.
  • Cost Effective – The collapsible pallet boxes with lids can lead to a space saving of 80% - this means that if your company transports goods then on return journeys you can collapse empty boxes and stack them on top of one another – saving you space and driving your transport costs down.

Why Buy Pallet Boxes with Lids from Exporta?

Here at Exporta we only use the highest quality HDPE to manufacture our pallet box lids. Not only this but we take pride in the production of all of our products and therefore maintain a high standard of quality across all our product categories. We consistently monitor the quality standard of our pallet boxes with lids and do so to ensure that our standards are always met, each and every time. We want you to know that when you buy pallet box lids from Exporta you know you have a product that will last you for a long time. This is why we have designed our pallet box lids with durability and longevity in mind. At Exporta we strive to meet and constantly exceed our customer’s expectations and are sure that you are going to love these plastic pallet boxes with lids as much as we have enjoyed making them.

If you have any queries about our pallet boxes with lids, or any of our other products then you could start a live chat on our website! Alternatively, you could give us a call and speak to one of our knowledgeable advisors, they know our products inside and out. The will be able to give you advise on an appropriate pallet box lid which would be relevant for you.

Need your pallet box lids in a hurry? Not a problem, our pallet boxes with lids are in stock and available for next day delivery if you order them before 3pm. This is a service Exporta provide all year round to provide our customers with convenience.

Other Products which may be of Interest to You

Once you have identified the type of pallet boxes with lids you’d like to utilise in your business it could be worth considering some of our other products which could benefit you. One product that you may find useful to use with pallet boxes and lids is a pallet racking system. All of our pallet boxes come with runners on the bottom as standard to allow them to be racked. Pallet racking allows you to store pallets on a solid structure – side by side and above and below on another. This allows you to create a complete storage solution with your pallet boxes and lids.

If you don’t already have a pallet truck this could also be beneficial. Instead of using a forklift, pallet trucks can be used to manually move pallets. These create a safe way to move your pallet boxes with lids if they don’t need to be stacked on top of one another. When fully loaded, these pallet boxes with lids can be very heavy so to move them by hand would be impractical – this is where a pallet truck comes in handy.  

Dunnage bags could also be used to protect the items within your pallet boxes and would mean that during transport they are also secured. Almost a quarter of road truck accidents happen due to unsecured items in the hold. Dunnage bags could be used to significantly help this problem.

Perhaps you have decided that pallet boxes with lids aren’t quite right for you. Due to our extensive product categories that hold thousands of products we likely have a product handling solution that is right for you. Whether you need pallets, shelving or matting we have the product for you! All of our products come with a guarantee, that way if you are unsatisfied with the quality of your product we can make it right. Due to the high quality materials that are used to manufacture our pallet box lids and all of our products we are sure you’ll be satisfied.

If you would like more information on which other products may be useful to you then get in touch with us via telephone or alternatively fill out our online enquiry form and one of our advisors will be in touch.