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Rigid Pallet Box

Rigid Pallet Boxes

Rigid Pallet Boxes, or Rigid Bulk Boxes, sometimes called Dolav boxes, are extremely sturdy and ideal for holding build materials. Exporta Global offers our customers a huge load bearing capacity with the rigid pallet box. The Exporta Rigid Pallet Boxes are made from HDPE plastic and can hold up to a 750kg even on a rack. Lids are available for rigid pallet boxes to make them completely closed and clean. Rigid Pallet Boxes are ideal for the food industry and pharmaceuticals.

These supremely strong Rigid Pallet Boxes can be stacked on top of each other saving on transport costs. Used as field boxes in an agriculture situation these rigid pallet boxes are extremely sturdy. Many of our customers choose to Buy Pallet Boxes as they are one of the most popular items which we sell due to their diverse purposes. Almost anything can be stored inside a rigid storage box from industrial goods to household items meaning that they are perfect for almost any storage problem. Have a look and find out why large pallet boxes are amongst our most popular items which we currently have on offer to date.


Why use a Rigid Pallet Box?

The Rigid Pallet Box is a mainstay of the food sector. These shipping boxes can handle any type of stock. With a larger racking capacity than the collapsible pallet box it can handle more weight both in transport and on racking. The Rigid variety is much stronger. The internals are extra smooth and very easily cleaned compared with other pallet boxes cutting down on inefficiencies. The Rigid Pallet box is extremely tough made of plastic that is a percentage thicker than any other nearest competitor.

Additionally, this box can come with feet or skids configuration making it extremely versatile in many environments. In addition, they are extremely useful for transporting pharmaceuticals. What makes these boxes even more useful is their ability to be double stacked in transport. When shipped around the world double stacking can mean huge savings in transport costs. Finally, despite all this, they tend to be slightly cheaper than other boxes making the rigid pallet box the ideal plastic storage box for transporting goods.


Which Types of Rigid Pallet Boxes do Exporta Global Offer?

With all of Exporta Global’s products, we are confident that your purchase will be one which you are satisfied with. The pallet boxes which we offer are no different with only the highest quality materials being used in production and manufacturing. They are also affordable and offer great value for money. The rigid pallet boxes which we offer can be reused for a lifetime and rarely show any signs of wear and tear even after thousands of uses. The types of rigid plastic storage boxes which we currently offer include;

- Rigid Pallet Box 1200x800x790mm - £187.48

- Rigid Pallet Box 1200x1000x760mm - £194.02

What are Rigid Pallet Boxes Used for?

If your business is in the food sector then, you should be investing in rigid pallet boxes. This is an excellent choice for anyone who is working in the food sector as these pallets have a larger racking capacity than the collapsible pallet boxes. Many businesses choose this type of pallet box as it can be used efficiently during transport. Another reason why these boxes are so popular is that they are smooth and can be cleaned easily.

Its versatility makes it a popular choice as this box can come with feet or skids configuration making it the appropriate choice a number of working environments. It is extremely worthwhile ordering these boxes as they can be double stacked for transport. If your business ships its goods worldwide then you will know that double stacking can mean huge savings in transport costs. Depending on the number of boxes you are buying, rigid pallet boxes can be a slightly cheaper option.


What are the Benefits of the Rigid Pallet Box?

The benefits of pallet boxes are one of the main reasons why so many people become interested in purchasing them in the first place. The features which they offer are unrivalled in terms of reliability and value for money. The advantages are the reason why they are one of our most popular products in terms of sales. Customers are always satisfied with Exporta Global products and the rigid pallet box is no different. Pallet boxes can be used in many different ways and this is versatility contributes to their popularity. The benefits of rigid pallet boxes include;


  • Strength - Broken containers can halt production and distribution of products, resulting in angry customers, lost business, and inflated manufacturing costs. With the rigid pallet boxes, this is never an issue. They are some of the most reliable, secure plastic storage containers on the market and will make sure that your goods remain in the same condition as you left them. The materials used are the strongest available in terms of plastic and is extremely durable. The rigid pallet boxes have been known to last years on end and can be reused for the same job thousands of times without showing any real signs of wear and tear.

This large storage container is formulated from tough polythyene and polypropylene resins to create a tough, shatter-resistant structure that will not fail during transport and storage. Durability doesn’t necessary mean that the plastic pallet boxes are overweight; some bulk containers are made from high-density structural foam and can be lifted easily. The materials which are used to manufacture the pallet box is used for all of our plastic products including pallets, storage bins, containers and a whole host more. One thing is for sure when you decide to buy pallet box from Exporta Global, your purchase will not let you down and is as reliable as anything else in the handling solutions market. 


  • Stackable – Stackable Plastic Pallet Boxes allow shippers to optimise costly transport and storage space, limiting costs for more profitable operations. This means that if you are interested in reducing your transport or storage cost, then the rigid pallet box would be the ideal solution. Not only are they affordable to purchase, they are affordable to ship, store and transport. This is advantageous to all businesses as transporting and shipping costs can be expensive if you are using several products.

The stackable nature of the rigid pallet boxes also contributed to the amount of space that can be saved in storage. Storage in an industrial environment can be an issue which faces many businesses and being efficient with this space is often high in priority. The pallet boxes can be stacked on top of each other to save floor space to make room for other items. Once they are stacked on top of each other, more space is created in a work environment which allows for machinery to be able to roam freely without having to manoeuvre in and out of tight spaces. If saving space is something that your business prioritises then considering the rigid pallet box would be a wise choice and a step in the right direction.


  • Versatility – The rigid pallet box is versatile in a number of ways. This versatility is one of the main reasons why so many of our customers decide to go for the product in the first place. The amount of ways which pallet boxes can be used is one of the main reasons behind the popularity of the product. The versatile nature of the rigid pallet box is that they can be used to store almost anything that fits inside the box. From tools to stock, almost anything can be stored inside and knowing that the items are secure and protected is something that many of our customer’s value.

Another benefit in terms of versatility with the rigid pallet box is that they are used in hundreds of industries around the world. With some of our products, they are specialised in certain sectors. Container storage is not limited to just one sector or industry. It can be used in a variety of industries. We have had customers in the past purchase pallet boxes from the automotive, food processing, pharmaceutical and agricultural industries. They are typically businesses that rely on bulk containers to provide reliable material movement. If your business requires storage of any kind, the rigid plastic pallet box is a great purchase that will make sure that your stock is protected.


Why Should I Buy Rigid Pallet Boxes from Exporta Global?

When you buy any product, you want to make sure that your purchase is one which is you are satisfied with and that you do not have any issues with. With Exporta Global, we are confident that you will never have this problem. All of our products are made from the highest quality materials to make sure they are strong and reliable. The design of our products is another thing which we pride ourselves on. Everything that we sell was made with the customer in mind to make sure that they are easy to assemble or build. The products which we offer are also extremely affordable within the handling solutions industry. They offer great value for money all while not breaking the bank. This means if you or your business wishes to buy in bulk, the costs are still affordable.

With over 40 years of experience in the handling solutions industry, we at Exporta Global are confident that we can get you the product you need while providing advice on your purchase. Our team of friendly customer advisers are another reason why conducting business with us is a pleasurable experience from start to finish. From calling us over the phone to chatting to us via our live chat feature, we guarantee that any experience with our customer service staff will be a helpful one and leave you satisfied with our service. Our main focus is keeping our customers happy and coming back because of our unrivalled products and service. We have carried out our business for the last four decades all over the continent and continue to grow each and every year.

Working with our customers closely, giving advice and listening is the reason behind our success and we are confident this will continue regardless of the circumstance. We are able to offer our customers the best prices and source directly from the manufacturer. This is beneficial to our customers as we are able to stock our products and deliver them quickly without any disruptions. Get in touch today and ask us how we could help you with your purchase and we will recommend a pallet box perfect for your requirements. Storage crates are excellent storage solutions which can be used in multiple ways and with Exporta Global, you know you are buying a product that you can trust.