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Pallet Collar Lids

Discover a choice of both wooden & plastic pallet lids here at Exporta. Used in conjunction with pallet collars, pallet lids provide an efficient and secure way to store and transport goods by creating an enclosed crate. Alongside providing secure storage, the added addition of our wooden & plastic pallet lids also turns your standard pallets into stackable pallets that will enable you easy pack and transport larger volumes of stock. Once you’ve chosen your pallet lids, explore a large range of all the additional pallet collar accessories you may need.

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4 Items
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Buy Pallet Collar Lids


A pallet collar lid is a great way to securely store the items on your pallet. They are used in conjunction with pallet collars to create an enclosed crate out of your pallet. This makes it easier to store and stack your pallets once loaded. Adding a lid to your pallets creates a kind of pallet shelving system. Having the added protection of a pallet lid on your pallet collar means that it turns them into stackable containers for any smaller or more fragile pallets. Using pallet lids creates huge benefits when using them in transport as they provide a strong packing solution that allows large volumes of products to be handled with ease.

Pallet corners and pallet corner lids are an excellent way to protect your products and your employees. At Exporta we have a number of product handling solutions which can increase your productivity and efficiency whilst improving workplace health and safety. Instead of using a simple pallet, if you combine one of our plastic pallets with one of our pallet corners and pallet lids it can provide a simple storage solution in your business. Pallet collars and pallet lids are the easiest way to maximise the storage you have available in your warehouse as well as keeping them out of the way of employees and forklifts. When utilised properly, our pallets, combined with a pallet collar and lid can be neatly organised and made easily accessible to employees.

Who Would Benefit from Using Pallet Lids?

Any business which currently utilises pallets, or are thinking about introducing pallets to their business would benefit from using pallet lids. This is particularly true for any manufacturing or production company, who need to keep a large amount of stock at any given time. Pallet lids allow your pallets to be stocked safely on top of one another. Pallet lids are also ideal for any business who want to keep their workplace more organised and clean. Pallet lids allow the pallets to be neatly stacked on top of one another, therefore keeping your warehouse or workspace well organised and tidy, it will also make products and pallets more easy to locate.

Exporta’s Pallet Lids


Exporta have three different types of pallet lids available for use with your pallets and pallet collars:

  • 800x600mm – This pallet is 9mm thick and is completely compliant with export regulations. This pallet lid is £5.12
  • 1200x800mm – This pallet is Euro sized and fits snugly on top of a Euro collar. It is also compliant with export regulations and 9mm thick. This pallet lid is £8.50.
  • 1200x800mm – This pallet lid is completely treated and export regulation compliant. This pallet lid is £11.06


Pallet Collars

A pallet lid cannot be used without a pallet collar. A pallet collar is a simple way of both protecting your employees from injury as well as protecting any items on your pallet. Once a pallet is fully loaded, as well as being heavy it can also be fragile and unstable. A pallet collar is the only way to enclose and protect your products once loaded onto a pallet. Given the fact that pallets are often difficult to manoeuvre and there is a high risk of products either falling and breaking or being bashed off something it is beneficial to invest in pallet collars and lids to protect your products. This is an investment that could ultimately lead to major savings for your business in protected, undamaged stock.

Our pallet collar collection is so diverse that they can be used with a whole range of pallets. This is what has made pallet collars so popular – they are diverse enough to use with a whole range of pallet products.

A pallet collar is made of up to six boards, these can be either wood or plastic. These boards are held together with four or six metallic hinges and this creates the pallet collar. One of the most useful features of our pallet collars is that they are completely collapsible when not in use. This makes the pallets easy to store and organise.

Exporta have created two different types of pallet collars – plastic and wooden. A wooden collar is useful in many warehouses as it can withstand a large amount of wear and tear, making it ideal for any busy workplace. A plastic collar is aesthetically pleasing with our other plastic pallet products.


The Benefits of Using a Pallet Lid with your Pallet Collar


If you are using a pallet without a pallet collar or lid, then you are not gaining many of the benefits associated with using pallet collars and pallet lids. Some of the benefits of using these additional pallet products are:

  • Protection – Once you have loaded your plastic pallet from Exporta it can often be difficult to manoeuvre and in turn leads to your products becoming damaged. If a pallet is loaded to its full capacity, it is more likely to turn slower when using a pallet truck. Therefore, it is often beneficial to use a pallet collar and pallet lid to completely secure your products. Once inside the pallet collar and pallet lid your products will be secured and covered, even with other pallets above or below them.
  • Organisation – If you utilise pallet collars and lids in your warehouse it is easier to store and organise them. The pallet lid creates a sort of pallet shelf, allowing other pallets of varying sizes to be stored on top of them, due to the flat surface. It is particularly risky to try and store things on top of an unprotected loaded pallet, because the surface is very rarely completely level. This is where a pallet lid comes in, it covers the top of the pallet to create a flat, table like appearance.
  • Efficiency – Due to the nature in which a pallet lid allows pallets to be stacked it creates increased efficiency. This is particularly useful for companies which move large volumes of products in and out of transport vehicles. Pallet lids enable fast stacking, meaning that more than one pallet can be moved at a time.
  • Health and Safety – It is common that when a pallet is loaded there are uneven and often sharp edges. This creates a major health and safety concern for your employees working around these pallets. A pallet collar and lid encloses all the items within the pallet meaning that there are no hidden edges for employees to hurt themselves on. It also means products won’t fall from a loaded pallet during its transit, injuring an employee.


Materials Used in Pallet Lids


All of Exporta’s pallet lids are made of plywood. Plywood is a ‘sheet’ material composed of multiple layers, otherwise known as ‘plies’ of thin wood. These are then glued together with other layers which run in the same direction. There are many benefits to manufacturing wood in this method and in turn to using plywood pallet lids: it significantly reduces the chance of the wood splitting, it reduces the chance of the wood either gaining in size or getting smaller over time and it makes the wood stronger in all directions. This is what makes our plywood pallet lids reliable and durable.


Risk Avoidance


When using pallet collars and pallet lids it is always important to make sure you are using them correctly in order to ensure you minimise the risk of injury in the workplace. In order to minimalise the risk of injury you should ensure you buy your pallets, pallet collars and pallet lids from the same manufacturer. This will ensure consistency across your products and procedures.

Other Products Relevant for You


If you are considering the use of pallets, pallet collars and pallet lids then you may also want to consider our pallet collar dividers. A pallet collar divider adds diversity to your pallet collars by dividing up the space available in your pallet. This means that instead of having one large container you can separate the space to suit your needs. Depending on the space you wish to divide and the reason for which you are dividing it, there are different sizes of pallet collar dividers available to you. These sizes can be attached on a length or width basis, maximising the space usage. The most common use for these pallet collar dividers is to use them to separate any goods which are fragile or easily broken. Perhaps you wish to utilise the pallets you have available but don’t have enough of one type of product to fill an entire pallet. This is a great use of pallet collar dividers should you want to keep your products separate.

Another useful item to consider is a pallet collar stacking corner. These are additions to your pallet collars and pallet lids as they attach to the corners of your pallets and allow one pallet to be stacked on top of one another. These solid plastic corners are completely robust and can be used on any of our pallets. These plastic pallet collar stacking corners are essential for any business which needs to stack one pallet on top of one another. Pallet corners are the perfect solution for any business who wishes to utilise the small space they have available.


Why Choose Exporta?


Exporta are a company who specialise in product handling solutions. What this means is we aim to simplify the handling, storage and movement of goods across multiple industries. While we sell to a large number of blue chip companies, we also supply to a large number of industries outside of this category, with a vast product range. No matter what industry your business operates in we are sure we have the product handling solutions to benefit your business.

As a company Exporta put our customers at the heart of everything we do. We aim to provide our customers with fast delivery across all of our product options. This means that you can order any of our products before 3pm and will have those products the following day. Even if you are not ready to purchase and looking for further information on some of our products you will find a lot of valuable information across the various pages on our website. If you can’t find what you are looking for and need clarification on some of our product handling solutions, give us a call and one of our advisors can help identify which products will work best for you.

Our website is always open, 24 hours a day for browsing and purchasing, we have a live chat tool available on the website, an enquiry form option and our phone lines are open from 6am until 5pm. These extended phone hours mean that even outside of regular working hours you can get honest advice on any of our product handling solutions and products.