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Wooden Pallet Collars

Explore a range of wooden pallet collars for sale here at Exporta. Wooden pallet collars are an alternative to plastic pallet collars and are a popular choice when it comes to packaging solutions, as they are a modern and efficient solution to storage and transporting goods. Like wooden pallet boxes, wooden pallet collars are great for items that are compact, bulky or fragile can often be problematic when it comes to storing them or maneuvering. The idea of wooden pallet collars and wood pallet boxes is that they add a sense of security and protection and give the user peace of mind regarding their goods. We also stock plastic pallet collars which are the ideal solution to turn a pallet into a robust storage container that is both hygienic and durable. Speak to an expert now! Call 0800 294 4 394.

10 Items
10 Items
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Wooden pallet collars have gained popularity in the last few decades due to their sturdiness and efficiency. Thanks to the innovative, convenient design, they are able to provide several important benefits to workplaces that need to find ways to safely store or transport their goods. 


Pallet collars have multiple benefits to the customer. These benefits are the reason why they are a popular handling solution and purchased by hundreds of businesses around the country. The advantages are the reason why so many businesses have invested in wooden pallet collars and will continue to do so due to their reliability. The benefits of wooden pallet collars include;   

  • Convenient – They can be easily transported or manoeuvred meaning that they are easy to handle and are easy to lift and load.

  • Cost Effective – They are affordable solutions which guarantee value for money and a wise investment which is why so many businesses have taken up the option of wooden pallet collars.

  • Strong Materials – The materials used are durable and strong and are able to keep goods secure and safe.

  • Hinged Pallet Collars fold flat when not in use – This means that even when they are not in use, they can be stored in a capacity that saves more space in a workplace.  

  • Transform any size pallet into a tough wooden box – Certain Pallets can sometimes be susceptible to detrimental forces, wooden boxes do not have this issue and are as reliable as any other handling solution. 

  • Perfect for Storage and Shipping of any Product – They are as reliable as they come and can be used in a multitude of ways. 

  • Protects valuable cargo, secures irregular items – items can often shift or collide during transportation. Wooden pallet collars secure cargo meaning that they arrive in the same condition as they left.

  • Standard Sizes Available – Immediate availability from our stock in a variety of range and sizes.

  • Long Working Life – Our wooden pallet collars have been known to last years and can be used over thousands of times without showing any signs of wear and tear.  

  • Suitable for Block Stacking and Optimising your Vehicle Space – A great space saver when transporting goods which takes up less space than other pallets.

  • Complies to Health & Safety Requirements – All of our products are tested and the safest on the market.

  • Prevents Spillage and Damage of Goods – The items are not only protected but kept safe from moving and spilling during transportation.


Exporta Global have been leading the handling and storage solution business for over 40 years. Our main focus is keeping our customers happy and coming back because of our unrivalled products and service. We have carried out our business for the last four decades all over the continent and continue to grow each and every year. Working with our customers closely, giving advice and listening is the reason behind our success and we are confident this will continue regardless of the circumstance. We are able to offer our customers the best prices and source directly from the manufacturer.